iPhone Travels Back to the ’50’s

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Fans of the poodle skirt, sock hop, Elvis Presley era, better known as the 1950’s, can buy some “cool” gadgets to complement their 21st century iPhone. The smartphone travels back to the ’50’s in style with these retro items. They are sure to get some “wows” from friends and family.

The Original Radio was inspired by the 1955 Philetta “254” radio. Music lovers can enjoy MP3 or FM radio tunes while charging their iPod or iPhone. Charging is easy since the protective case does not need to be removed, and no special adaptors are necessary. The Original Radio comes in several colors, and there is an Original Radio Mini too.

The 1950’s Tube Radio is the “real deal” for ’50’s buffs who want an antique. Its original owner could listen to AM radio only. Its new owner will have iPhone connectivity. Various colors and models are available, and many of them are made out of Bakelite, an early form of plastic. The hardware is the same, and a headphone jack is added, as well as Bluetooth. Some of the restored radios even come with their original receipt.

There is no need to pair a modern device with an Eisenhower era radio. Traveling back to the ’50’s is more fun with retro cases and skins. Everything from classic cars to French postage stamps to mid-century designs is available. Also, artists offer custom cases and skins. With so many creative designs, many people buy more than one.

A retro handset is a novelty accessory that is fun to use on an iPhone, as well as other devices. Smartphone owners appear to be using a vintage telephone. When they are talking on the phone, they can expect to get a few second looks while walking down the street. The handset, which comes in many colors, connects to a phone via the audio jack, and it has a volume control on the handset.

A replica of an old rotary telephone offers a nostalgic touch to any home décor. There were no buttons to push on telephones when The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and I Love Lucy TV shows were broadcast on one of the three major networks. A high-gloss porcelain smartphone rotary telephone dock brings back memories of a time that the Happy Days TV show recreated a few decades later.

The iRetroPhone charging station is more than a replica of a rotary telephone. With every call that is made, the caller can speed back to the time when the first Soviet artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, and then the US Explorer 1, were launched into space. The vintage telephone comes with a free app that allows owners to use the rotary dialer function. The charging station, which can also sync devices and eliminate most absorbed phone radiation, can charge up to three devices.

The iPhone travels back to the 20th century, all the way to the 1950’s, with accessories that are currently on the market. These whimsical items recall a more simple time, a time when few could imagine the societal changes that advances in communication systems would bring decades later.

By Shelley Kuziak




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