ISIS Warns of More Attacks After Claiming Responsibility for Texas Attack


ISIS is speaking to raise fear in the United States, by claiming that its troops were responsible for an attack on a Garland, Texas at a facility which was holding a Muhammed Cartoon Contest. The group released a statement which said that the two men who perpetrated the attack were Al Khilafa soldiers; however, there was no evidence that was offered as proof to viewers that this was the case.

There were no photos that were released by ISIS confirming their involvement, or videos to prove their presence. The FBI and CIA started examining the footage right away to see if there is credibility to the claims that were made by the group. The two gunmen, Elton Simpson and Naddir Soofi, had been investigated in the past for terror plots by the national government but there was never enough proof to charge them with any kind of involvement in the past.

In the current attack, a security officer was killed before the gunmen were. The terror group has warned that this was the first of many new attacks to come, and that the American people should be aware, as they claim the responsibility for the Texas attack.

By Melissa English




Fox News

Photo Dave Wilson Creativecommons Flickr License

Photo The US Army Jason Krawcyzk Creativecommons Flickr License

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