Jamie Foxx Releases New Single That Strikes the Right Chords With Public


Jamie Foxx’s new single is striking the right chords and is offering a bright spot for the actor-singer after a dismal performance singing the National Anthem before the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight last weekend.

The song Baby’s In Love is providing a dance beat that listeners appear to be enjoying, according to music critics. The single is the fourth song released from Foxx’s fifth album and is a collaboration with Kid Ink. It follows Ain’t My Fault, Pretty Young Thing and You Changed Me, featuring Chris Brown The album, titled Hollywood: A Talk Of A Dozen Roses, is expected to be released May 22.

Foxx gained notoriety for his ill-fated rendition of the National Anthem before the big fight in Las Vegas on Saturday. Foxx’s performance resulted in an onslaught of posts on social media with a variety of jokes and criticisms. Larry the Cable Guy said the fighters should punch out Foxx for his singing. Others posted that they were not sure what was louder, Foxx or the organ.

Foxx said in an interview after the fight that his earpiece fell out, so he could not hear exactly what notes the organ was playing. The singer said he knew he was “a little off” and that came across on television.

For all the talk about the way Foxx sang the National Anthem, that is quickly drifting into the background with the airplay of Baby’s in Love. The song – and the entire album – incorporates a 1980s style that uses a strong synthetic sound track made for the dance floor, according to music critics. The addition of Kid Ink and others like Brown, Wale, and Fabolous add to the creativity of the mix. Music critics said this latest single strikes a good balance of nostalgia and musical notes and chords to be successful.

The actor and singer has come long way from his Texas roots and the early days of his career on In Living Color. His role as Ray Charles in the movie Ray showcased a somewhat unrecognized talent – music – in 2004. He had already achieved some success in music and made his first album Peep This in 1994. However, the movie allowed for more recognition of his musical talent and the album Unpredictable came out in 2005, followed by Intuition and Best Night of My Life.

Foxx’s lovelife has also been a circle of rumors that has caused him problems with his girlfriend. Rumors began in 2013 that insisted he was dating Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Those died down, but the two actors were together in March to do work on an animation production. That produced more rumors, all of which Foxx said are not true. He said he is tired of defending himself to his girlfriend over untrue speculation.

The actor said he and Holmes are good friends and she helped him once with a charity event. That was when the first set of rumors took off. He said he hopes the latest round of gossip does not hurt the friendship.

The actor is already getting a lot of pre-publicity regarding the Hollywood album. The album consists of 18 songs. Foxx’s single song Baby’s In Love is predicted to hit the top charts because it strikes the right beat and chords with the public.

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