Jennifer Love Hewitt Leaving Criminal Minds for Family Reasons

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt has decided to leave Criminal Minds for family reasons. The actress spoke to executive producer Erica Messer at the end of 2014 to discuss her options. With the season finale set up, writing the character out was easy and understandable for fans. It also ended up mimicking the star’s real reason for leaving the show.

In last night’s season finale, Kate Callahan decided to resign. After her adopted daughter Meg was abducted and she had her own child on the way, she decided that she wanted to become a stay at home mom. It was important for her character to spend that time with her family, similar to the way it is important for Hewitt to spend time with her own family.

The best part about the season finale was that A.J. Cook decided to stay on despite also being pregnant with her second child. Her character, J.J., will take on a different approach and it will show all the choices that women realistically have in the world. Messer said that as a friend of the two it is exciting that they both had options open to them as working moms.

Hewitt has always said that she prefers looking after her baby herself. After the birth of her first child, Autumn, she said that she wanted to spend more time with her rather than worrying about her weight. While she took on the role of Kate in season 10 of Criminal Minds, she only signed on for a year. There was always the chance that she could leave afterwards.

She did see her daughter regularly during filming. However, Hewitt has now decided to leave Criminal Minds for family reasons. She wants to give her second child the same opportunities her daughter had, and that means becoming a stay at home mom for the first year.

The news that Hewitt was leaving the show spread in April, but fans wanted to know how. It is not common for Messer and her team of writers to kill off a character. That has been done a small number of times, but the main team members have usually departed with their hearts still beating. Messer told fans before the season 10 finale of Criminal Minds that she would not see Kate killed off.

It does leave the door open for Hewitt to return at a later date. There are now chances that another female role will not be added to the cast full-time. Messer discussed the chance that she could now add guest roles, meaning former characters could return for short periods of time. Some fans have commented how this will work better, to allow the chance to explore characters better.

There has been mixed reactions from fans regarding Hewitt’s decision to leave. Some will be sad to see the character go, especially as they only had one season to get to know her. Others are happy with the decision, saying that Kate never seemed to gel with the BAU team. However the fans have reacted, it would not have changed the actress’ decision. Hewitt wanted to leave Criminal Minds for family reasons.

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    I’m sorry to see her leave. She’s a very talented actress that brought a different set of emotions to the group.

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