Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah Sing ‘Bust a Move’ on Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s guests on the Tonight Show this Friday were musical artist and actor, Queen Latifah, from Bessie, and actor Sam Rockwell, one of the stars of the reboot of Poltergeist. Queen Latifah and Fallon sang Bust A Move — the clip of it is below! As a special added bonus on the Tonight Show, the cast of Broadway’s “Something Rotten,” were guests. Also, Fallon did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy segment, all of which made for a very entertaining episode of the Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon got a standing ovation and he began the Tonight Show with his monologue, joking about news of the day. For example, Fallon said that “It’s Friday! It’s the first day in a long time that nobody declared for the Presidency.” He joked about the Republicans running for the presidency, saying “With 36 candidates, you need this guy,” showing a clip of the WWE’s Vince McMahon.

Fallon also joked about George Pataki announcing…or not…that he was going to run. “You guys remember the Secret Service officers who crashed into the White House? Yesterday, a report found that the officers were, more likely than not, drunk.”

Jimmy Fallon imitated a drunken Secret Service officer, saying that he did not run into the fence, the fence ran into them. Then, Hashtag the Panda delivered Fallon a pizza. As he was trying to count out the money he owed, Hashtag grabbed both Fallon’s wallet and the pizza and ran off.

Jimmy Fallon then said that Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers beat panelists from Shark Tank in Jeopardy. He showed a fake clip from it, in which all of the categories had something to do with football. After that, he looked at “Today’s Headlines.” One was “Nephew’s Gawky Phase Apparently Not a Phase.” Another one was “Ew, Grandma’s Now in a Relationship.”

Jimmy Fallon said that tonight’s guests would be Queen Latifah, who will be in the HBO movie, Bessie, tomorrow night; and, Sam Rockwell, from Poltergeist, will be the second guest. Fallon added that the 10-time Tony-nominated cast of “Something Rotten” will be on the show.

Then, Fallon did his weekly “Thank You Notes” segment. Some of the “Thank You Notes” that Fallon said were: “Thank you, CBS, for cancelling CSI. And, thank you most Americans, for not being sure that’s the one that you watch. Thank you, Verizon, for buying AOL, and basically kissing $4 billion dollars ‘Goodbye.’ Thank you, people who say ‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat,’ for making me wonder why you even know a first way,” and “Thank you, kites, for being a fun way to spend 50 bucks to leave garbage in a tree.”

Jimmy Fallon

Back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced Queen Latifah, who will be starring in the HBO movie, Bessie, which will air tomorrow night. It was her first time on the Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon asked Queen Latifah “Who was your One Direction growing up?”

She replied “It would have to be Prince. Purple Rain was the first album I bought, and it had a poster with it — a poster!”

Queen Latifah told Fallon about having met Prince on an elevator and thinking about touching him. She mentioned one time when Prince asked her to come up on stage with him. She said that Chris Rock went up onto the stage, also.

Jimmy Fallon told Queen Latifah about his personal experience seeing Prince at a concert. He said that Prince asked him to come up onto the stage at the end of the show and dance with him. Fallon said he did not want to do it. Questlove asked him to go up onto the stage, so he did; then, Prince left, and Fallon said he was up on the stage by himself, and he said “It was the worst experience of my life!”

They both talked about the movie, Bessie. It is about the legendary Blues singer, Bessie Smith. She paused and said “God bless B.B. King,” and then she talked about how influential Bessie had been. Fallon showed a clip from the HBO movie. It looks like it will be a Must See movie, especially for fans of Bessie Smith and the Blues.

After another commercial break, when the Tonight Show came back on, Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah sang together. He said “Everyone know that you’re a professional rapper, and I’m a beat-boxer.” He asked her if she would use a device called Loopy with him. They recorded parts of a song with their voices, and then started to sing as the combined sounds looped.

They sang Bust A Move. It was freakin’ AMAZING! Jimmy Fallon showed off his rapping skills, and Queen Latifah joined in, also rapping and singing. It was definitely a highlight of the show and of the week on the Tonight Show! The video of it is below. More commercials followed.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the second guest of the episode, actor Sam Rockwell, from the reboot of Poltergeist. Fallon said that the movie “is super-scary.”

Sam Rockwell came out onto the stage dancing. Sam Rockwell described the moves as being a combination of Charles Nelson Reilly, Jerry Lewis and Don Knotts. He told Fallon “I stretched before the show — I did a little yoga.”

“You’re also very talented — you’re also a beat-boxer, right?” Fallon asked him.

Jimmy Fallon said he had been at some parties where Rockwell had done some beat-boxing. They talked about “crumping,” and Fallon asked The Roots what “crumping” meant. One of them demonstrated for him; then, Sam Rockwell showed off a little bit of his beat-boxing skills.

They talked about Poltergeist, and Fallon said “Somebody sent me an evil clown doll like the one in the movie,” adding “In 3-D, the movie’s incredible.” Rockwell said he had not seen it yet.

“You really should see your own movies,” Fallon told him. He showed a clip from it, saying, beforehand, “It’s really scary.” It was a pretty intense clip, with a Ring-like moment in it.

Then, Jimmy Fallon did a Gong Show bit, acting like the host of the Gong Show, and introducing “Mean Jean, the Dancing Machine!” Sam Rockwell played the part of “Mean Jean,” and he danced all over the stage. The entire audience were on their feet; then, the Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Following the break, Jimmy Fallon said that next week, Jamie Foxx, Dwayne Johnson, Sting, Pit Bull, and Meghan Trainor would be some of the guests. Then, Fallon introduced the cast of “Something Rotten” singing a medley of some of the songs from the hit Broadway musical. The cast did a spectacular job singing and dancing. The singer who played Will Shakespeare was pretty funny, singing “It’s hard, it’s hard to be the bard!”

What a fantastic way to close both the episode of the Tonight Show and the week! Besides the cast of “Something Rotten” performing a medley of songs from the Broadway musical, Jimmy Fallon’s guests were Queen Latifah, who talked about her idol, Prince, and the HBO movie she stars in Bessie; and, the actor Sam Rockwell, who showed off his dancing skills and talked about the movie he stars in, the reboot of Poltergeist. Also, Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon sang and rapped Bust a Move, and did an AMAZING job — the clip of it is below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah Sing ‘Bust a Move’

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