Lifetime’s June Schedule and Lineup [Video]


On May 15, Lifetime issued their June schedule and lineup, which includes a number of premieres. Not only will there be series premieres in June, but there will also be the return of the critically acclaimed, Devious Maids, for its third season. There will also be three world premieres of movies on the network as well during the month.

June kicks off with the return of Lifetime’s Devious Maids on June 1. The shows picks up where last season ended. A gunman has crashed the wedding of Spence and Rosie, and taken aim at the maids. The question remains of who survives and what also what happens in the aftermath. With tragedy striking, all of the women will have to lean on each other more than they ever have.

Following the season premiere of Devious Maids is the new Lifetime series, UnREAL. The new program premieres in the 10 PM time slot. UnREAL follows the behind the scenes adventures of a fictitious reality dating program. The new show stars Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby.

A new season of Hoarders: Family Secrets, which starts on May 28 at 9 PM, will air four new episodes on Lifetime in June. The program follows the lives of people who are known for their obsessive need to hoard. This hoarding gets to a point in which their lives and their families become overwhelmed. In an effort to help these people and their families, a team of organizers and experts come in to not only clean up the mess, but to also get to the root of the problem.

The new series Smile which also premiered on May 28 at 10 PM, will also air four episodes in June. Smile follows individuals who are hampered by poor dental conditions that leave them distressed on a daily basis. The program helps to make these people over with dental procedures that will repair their smiles and mouths to a point where they can feel confident.

Preach, a brand new series to the Lifetime network premieres on June 5 at 10 PM. This new series follows four priestesses and their protegé in training, as they spread the word of God and share their gifts with the world.

LifetimeAn all new season of Lifetime’s Dance Moms starts on June 9 at 9PM. Abby Lee Miller and her team of dancers are taking on Hollywood in this new season of the hit show. There will be new competitions, new auditions and new studios as the stakes are raised on the all new season. Not only will there be new episodes of the show, but there will also be fan favorite episodes as well.

On June 6 at 8 PM is the world premiere of Double Daddy. The movie follows Amanda a 16-year-old high school girl who discovers that not only has her boyfriend gotten another pregnant, but she is also pregnant. Now the boyfriend, Connor, is doing everything he can to be a good dad to both of his children, while the world of social backstabbing in high school makes its presence known.

On June 13 at 8 PM is the world premiere of I Killed My BFF: The Babysitter. The movie was inspired by a true crime story that was part of the I Killed My BFF series. Two women who meet in a hospital room after giving birth become best friends. After two years of friendship, one woman ends up murdered in brutal fashion. The movie keeps the viewer guessing until the end.

Also inspired by a true story, Lifetime presents the world premiere of Perfect High on June 27 at 8 PM. A dancer who is a star in her high school injures her knee and finds herself sidelined. Trying to cope with the pain, she starts taking prescription pain killers and when she finds herself feeling isolated, she ends up adopted by a popular group. The group leads to her not only sharing her pills, but also taking part in “pharm” parties. When she runs out of pills, the group turns to buying pills, only to learn that their classmate has been selling them heroin, rather than the cheap pain killers they thought they were getting.

Lifetime’s June schedule and lineup includes a number of fan favorites and premieres. From new movies to new series, the network is bringing quality programming to the summer.

By Kimberley Spinney


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Devious Maids Photo by Bob Mahoney – Courtesy of Lifetime

Dance Moms Photo by Scott Gries – Courtesy of Lifetime

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