Facebook Is Moving on Towards Mobile Ads

Facebook Is Moving on Towards Mobile Ads

Facebook is moving on towards mobile ads, and has continued to shine above others. More brands are now moving towards mobile advertising, while Facebook drives one-third of the digital ad growth for the fifth quarter, this Q1. Business Insider quotes the analysts of Morgan Stanley, who wrote that the social networking site firm is growing fast while the market’s ad growth is slowing.

The mission of Facebook, Inc. is to empower people to share, open the world and stay connected. Its business targets on creating value for developers, users and marketers. Its products Facebook, Instagram and Messenger enable users to connect, share with friends, discover, learn, express and stay connected everywhere.

Facebook website and mobile app have people connected, discovering, communicating and sharing with each other on PCs and mobile devices. Instagram website and mobile app let people take videos or photos, customize them, filter effects and share them with friends. Messenger is a messaging app on Android and iOS devices.

According to the analysts, the credit goes to Facebook’s low price, cross-platform targeting and wide reach. These factors drive the continued movement of ad dollars to mobile. Though Google is the overall leader when it comes to revenues from mobile ads, Facebook is on its way to win more new ads. The latter is what marketers start to think first.

Online advertising is going to the direction of video and mobile, and the social website is capturing about three times as much as Google from video, graphical and mobile advertising, reported Amir Efrati for The Information late of 2014. Facebook is moving on towards mobile ads after it began experimenting running ads last year on third-party applications. It is to help app developers with monetization. Facebook Engineering Manager John Ketchpaw said, developers could begin by using a feature through Facebook’s App Links open cross platform standard. More than seven billion links on mobile have been created by developers since its launch, Ketchpaw said.

With regard to mobile ads, Facebook announced to advertisers and developers on Thursday that it is accommodating mobile app install ads on its deep linking capabilities. This allows users to choose what information page to send to people the first time they click a downloaded application. Currently, people are directed to the app’s home page, and not to the specific place in an app.

For instance, when a user clicks on a travel app that features a trip to Las Vegas, he will be taken to the information about the Las Vegas offer. The person will likely find the information that interests him, instead of manually searching for it, thereby, increasing the chances of the user using the app he clicked or downloaded; and on the marketer’s side, achieving advertisement goals.

Facebook is moving on towards mobile ads with video offerings while trying to get the attention of video viewers from YouTube. It is likewise testing a way to get Google out of link-sharing with a homegrown search engine. Google is a titan in digital advertising, but lately, its performance has been below average, said Morgan Stanley analysts.

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