SEGA Announces 3D Thunder Blade for Nintendo 3DS


SEGA announced on Thursday that its 3D Thunder Blade will be available for Nintendo 3DS. The game has been developed exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, and is now downloadable in the eShop. The new version of the game features 3D visuals, C-Stick or Circle Pad Pro support, gyroscopic control options, adjustable difficulty settings, stage select, replay saving, plus a mode which recreates the arcade machine with sound effects.

Piloted in 1987, the game is a distinctive combat helicopter arcade machine, tweaked for the handheld Nintendo 3DS. Gamers of 3D Thunder Blade use guns and missiles, as well as control a helicopter to destroy vehicles of opponents, while flying between buildings, to enemy bases or through caves.

Unlike other games, Thunder Blade has three types of gameplay in every stage – top down, over the shoulder and boss battles. The top-down scene has the player enjoy changing the altitude of his helicopter. Over the shoulder looks like After Burner II, while boss battles is when players cannot change altitude, but can control progression and speed.

In the SEGA-announced 3D Thunder Blade for Nintendo 3DS, the players have to complete the Arcade Mode to be able to go into special mode, Arrange Mode, where they can play again with more attack powers, enemies, locations and an additional stage. With the re-mastered game is a remix of the original music that can be turned on and off.

The 3D Thunder Blade was intended to have the original stuff, plus new features, but has to discard some areas which could not take the new 3D visuals. Examples are those which produced bugs like shadows glitching out. To make up, a new stage is implemented and 3D Thunder Blade offers an exciting finish while the new level is being consistent with the rest of the game.

According to Producer Yosuke Okunari, the new stage feels natural, making use of the era’s graphical style, while utilizing the stereoscopic 3D in a scene where the gamer flies to the core of a base. It is reminiscent of the final scene of the Death Star in Return of the Jedi. On the other hand, the boss is said to have an awesome background worth checking out.

The Arrange Mode unlocks when the gamer completes the Arcade mode. He then controls an alternate helicopter with various weapons and tackles the stages that come with some additions. There is much excitement in Arcade Mode but Destructoid said the Arrange Mode goes beyond expectations.

3D Thunder Blade amused those who have tried it, especially those who have played After Burner and Space Harrier. Its approach and style is quite different and is said to be a good addition to the classic series. Thunder Blade is one of the titles which is ahead of its time, and now is remastered for the 3Ds, an impressive addition of SEGA’s growing 3D Classics. It follows Space Harrier which was also remastered for the 3Ds perfectly.

Highlights of the SEGA-announced 3D Thunder Blade for Nintendo 3DS also include an alternative soundtrack and a mode which recreates the feel and look of the original arcade, with additional mode and features like new enemy patterns and upgraded attack powers.

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