Jimmy Fallon and Snoop Dogg in ‘Jake’s Patience’ Skit

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show this Thursday, Jimmy Fallon’s guests were journalist and author, Bill O’Reilly, from The O’Reilly Factor on Fox, and the rapper, Snoop Dogg. Snoop took part in a skit called Jake’s Patience with Fallon later in the show. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was…wait for it…also Snoop Dogg. The show’s announcer, Steve Higgins, added some witty comments to the episode, and the house band, The Roots, were…well…awesome tonight.

Host Jimmy Fallon did his monologue, after being welcomed with a standing ovation by the studio audience. He cracked jokes about stories from the news, like Hillary Clinton adding people to her campaign team that focus on preventing scandals. In other words, people who follow Bill Clinton around and tell him ‘No! Put that down!'”

Jimmy Fallon said that Hillary’s brother was named “Tony” and he was in the news. He said with a brother named Tony, she “has locked up all the votes in New Jersey.” Fallon said that Jeb Bush said “We all should get a pass on who our brothers are.”

Jimmy Fallon made more jokes about Jeb Bush, and how he mispronounced “Nevada” when he was in the state giving a speech. He joked about a movie being made about the Obamas. He said “I’m not saying that Obama’s aged a lot in office, but Morgan Freeman is playing a young Obama.”

Jimmy Fallon said that Hedge Fund bought the Radio Shack brand for $26 million. Even Snoop Dogg said “How high were they?”

Jimmy Fallon then said “A man in Massachusetts was arrested after he got drunk and chased a bear in the woods with a dull hachette. The bears released their own statement, saying “Go for it, man!”

After The Roots played Jimmy Fallon to his desk he said that tomorrow, Queen Latifah will be on. Also, there will be a performance from the 10-time Tony Award winning cast of the play, “Something Rotten.” He said that Bill O’Reilly will be a guest tonight, as will Snoop Dogg. Snoop’s latest album is called Bush.

Then, Jimmy Fallon said “Guys, it’s time for ‘Tonight Show Hashtags’! Tonight, the topic was #IGotBusted. People tweeted in funny and/or embarrassing things that they got caught doing. Some, paraphrased, follow. “I got caught smoking with my cousin. When asked by my brother if we were smoking, as smoke rolled out of her mouth, my cousin said “no.”

Another one was “My mom walked in on me looking at myself in the mirror flipping myself off because I wanted to see what it looked like.” Someone tweeted “I was on Facebook when my boss walked in, and I thought that I was slamming the screen of my laptop down, but it was actually my desk top monitor.”

Another example was “I was standing in my neighbor’s drive with my laptop stealing his WiFi when my neighbor drove up.” One of the last examples that Fallon mentioned was “A few weeks ago, my boss passed by my office just as I stuck my face in a bowl of dried cereal to eat it like I was an animal.”

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned after a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon said that “Not many people know that Snoop Dogg was in a Canadian soap opera called Jake’s Patience. He did not want to show his arms on the set. He wanted to use mannequin arms. We have a clip from Jake’s Patience. Take a look for yourselves.”

Fallon walked into a bakery. Snoop walked out from the back of the bakery and smoke rolled out. When Fallon asked what he had, Snoop replied “We have all kinds of goodies.”

Snoop wanted to show Fallon how they made cookies at the bakery. He said “Any good cookie recipe starts with, you guessed it, eggs.” He attempted to crack some eggs to use, but used mannequin arms. He said the special ingredient was “a dash of cinnamon.” Then, they both kneaded the cookie dough, using their mannequin arms.

“Now, all you have to do is put it in the oven and set it to 420,” Snoop said. The cookies came out of the oven on fire. Snoop said that he had something to put it out, and he poured out a bag of weed. Smoke billowed up, and they said “I can’t feel my hands.” Snoop used his mannequin arms and said “I can’t feel my face.” Snoop said he felt like listening to some music, and he began to rap a little bit.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest after another commercial break, the author of the best-selling book Legends & Lies: The Real West, Bill O’Reilly. Fallon asked him what his first job had been, and O’Reilly said “I was a soda jerk at Carvell’s.” He talked with Fallon about Carvell’s, and old commercials for it.

Jimmy Fallon asked O’Reilly his take on the Tom Brady “DeflateGate” scandal. O’Reilly talked about it, and said “If Brady did it, it’s a fair deal. I like Brady, but he probably made his preference known, if you know what I’m talking about.”

O’Reilly said “There are some rules, and you have to obey the rules.”

Fallon and O’Reilly talked about a tour that O’Reilly often does, “The Pinhead Tour.” Fallon asked him about the presidential race, and asked “Hillary will get the nomination, right?”

O’Reilly said “Yes, if she’s not in jail.” He called the election “The most important one in our lifetimes.” Of course, he and others said that about the last election, too, and the one before that, etc.

O’Reilly talked with Fallon about the real Lone Ranger, Bass Reeves, who had been a slave until he escaped and went into Indian Territory in Oklahoma. The U.S. Government hired him as a Deputy U.S. Marshal.

“In the 50s and 60s, you couldn’t have a black man as the lead in a T.V. series,” O’Reilly said. He said that the producers of The Lone Ranger knew about him, but made the character a white man.

After a commercial break on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, Snoop Dogg. Fallon said he “sold over 35 million albums.” Bush is his latest album.

“Thank you for being on my show,” Fallon said. “I love the album, I love the cover. Congratulations on being a grandfather. What does he call you?”

“I don’t know yet,” Snoop Dogg replied. He had on his signature dark sunglasses. Snoop said “He looks at me, and just spits up.” he told Fallon that his son is in UCLA and playing football, and he has five sons in the NFL.

“I heard that you and Willie Nelson went to Amsterdam together,” Fallon said.

“Yes,” Snoop Dogg said. “We were playing dominoes and enjoying life. After we enjoyed life, we developed a hunger, and wanted to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. We put our hands in the bucket, together, and grabbed the same piece of chicken. I told Willie, ‘You know what? That’s your piece of chicken.'”

Snoop Dogg talked with Fallon about making the album along with Pharrell, who produced the entire album and sings on it. They began by working together on some songs, and Charlie Wilson is a guest on the album, along with the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show came back from yet another commercial break, and Snoop Dogg performed So Many Pros from his new album, Bush. Snoop Dogg did an awesome job singing and rapping, and he even referenced Tom Brady in the song. The studio audience erupted in applause as Snoop Dogg finished singing.

That was the perfect way to end the Tonight Show, with guest, Snoop Dogg, singing one of his latest songs. Snoop was terrific in the skit he did with Jimmy Fallon, Jake’s Patience. The show ended with Fallon going up and down the aisles of the studio audience, giving people high fives. Besides Snoop Dogg, author and journalist Bill O’Reilly was also on, talking about his latest book and one of the real characters that he wrote about, Deputy U.S. Marshal, Bass Reeves.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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