Jimmy Fallon and Sting Sing ‘Roxanne’ in ‘Ragtime Gals’ Skit [Video]

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Jimmy Fallon and Sting Sing 'Rxanne' in 'Ragtime Gals' Skit [Video]

The Tonight Show this Friday before the Memorial Day Weekend was packed with entertaining guests, as Jimmy Fallon welcomed actor Kevin Connolly from Entourage and the musical artist, Sting, as his two main guests. Also, Fallon appeared in a Barbershop Quintet Ragtime Gals skit, along with Sting, singing Roxanne, and Kevin Delaney demonstrated some cool science experiments. Fallon’s weekly “Thank You Notes” segment was LOL funny, as well.

Jimmy Fallon kicked off the Tonight Show by doing his monologue after he got a standing ovation from the studio audience. He joked and kidded about topics like the upcoming Presidential election. He said that “the rapper 50 Cent is supporting Hillary Clinton.” Fallon said that Ja Rule and Snoop Dogg will also be supporting her.

Jimmy Fallon said “Newt Gingrich called Obama ‘dangerous’ and ‘incompetent,’ and said that Hillary Clinton will probably be worse.” Fallon also joked about Playboy now having an app “that offers safe content. That means it will be the least-downloaded app ever.”

Fallon then did a “News Dump,” asking some of the members of The Roots about current news. They all seemed to have an important bit of news, or news, at any rate. James Posey said that he lives with an American Girl doll in a life-sized doll house, for example.

Fallon kidded about Michael Jordan’s newest slogan, “We love sweat.” He said that now, 7/11 will have to come up with a new slogan for their hot dogs. He also joked about Ben & Jerry, and supposed new flavors that they have developed for the presidential candidates. The one for Chris Christie was “I Ate It Already.”

Jimmy Fallon next said he wanted his daughter’s first word to be “Dada.” However, she said her first word, and it was “Mamma.” He mentioned that he wrote a book about a dad wanting his baby’s first word to be “Dadda.” He showed the book that he wrote, and announcer Steve Higgins kept on messing with him as he talked. The book will come out on June 11.

“Sting will be here, ladies and gentlemen!” Fallon said. “Sting will be singing one of his classic songs!” Fallon said the other guests would be Kevin Connolly from Entourage and Kevin Delaney, who will be demonstrating some science experiments.

Jimmy Fallon then did his “Thank You Notes” bit. He said “Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for being endorsed by several rappers — which explains your new nickname, ‘Ghostface Hill.’ Thank you, the NFL, for planning stricter security methods for how balls are handled. Which explains your new nickname, T.S.A.. Thank you, Activia, for not being called ‘Go-Gurt.’ Thank you, charcoal briquettes, for being the Devil’s ravioli. I finally get it,” Fallon said. Another one was “Thank you, people who say ‘Walk a mile in my shoes,’ but I never even walk a mile in my own shoes.”

Jimmy Fallon

Steve Higgins then introduced The Ragtime Gals, the Barbershop Quintet skit with Jimmy Fallon and Sting, singing the Sting song Roxanne. Sting and Fallon were pretty AMAZING as they sang an old-fashioned barbershop quartet-like version of the song.

Back from a break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the show, Sting. He has been nominated for a Grammy for his musical, “The Last Ship.” Sting, now with a beard, took a seat, and Fallon thanked him for doing the Barbershop Quintet skit. Sting said that altering his song “really messed with my mind.”

Jimmy Fallon asked him about having his “own wine.” Fallon said he had been drinking it, conducting, as he put it, his “own research.”

Sting said he has had the vineyard for “twenty years, and it’s a very good wine.” Sting called the type of wine “a super Tuscan.” He said he had “a very posh wine, called Sister Moon. We only give it to very posh people.” Fallon pointed out that he had not brought that wine for him tonight.

They then talked about Sting’s musical, “The Last Ship.” He said he had worked on it for five years. Fallon suggested that his next musical be based on the song, Message In a Bottle.

Jimmy Fallon then handed Sting a Martin guitar, one “about a hundred years old,” Sting said. He played the guitar and sang one of the songs from “The Last Ship.” The song was about a pugilist, or boxer, who “finally learned how to dance.” It sounded INCREDIBLE!

Jimmy Fallon

After another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, actor Kevin Connolly, who is one of the stars of the upcoming Entourage movie. Connolly joked with Fallon about sort of being set up on a blind date, with the husband of one of Fallon’s friends. Connolly said that they saw an IMAX movie “about Everest.” Fallon said one of the people in the movie “had a giant, 80-foot cold sore on his lip.”

They talked about the movie, Entourage. Fallon said that it was a “fun movie with over 40 cameos.” Tom Brady is in it, and Russell Wilson, in two of the cameos. Fallon mentioned about Connolly breaking his leg while filming the movie. Connolly said “I was embarrassed.” He said he “wanted to hide behind a bush and cry.”

“Well, you’re hilarious in the movie,” Fallon told him. Fallon mentioned about Connolly doing commercials when he was a boy, and he showed a clip of Connolly in an Atari commercial. Then, Fallon introduced a clip from Entourage. In it, the actors making a movie were given $100 million, and had gone over the budget. It should be a pretty funny flick, from the looks of the clip.

Jimmy Fallon

Next guest, Kevin Delaney, was from the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas. “This is kind of a Ghost Bustery-sort of thing,” Delaney said, about an odd-looking device that looked kind of like a cannon. He called the device a “Wave Extinguisher.” Delaney had with him the two people who had invented it, who had “just graduated from college.” Waves successfully extinguished a fire.

They walked over to a metal canister, with water vapor inside of it. “First, I have to close the bunghole,” Delaney told Fallon. He cooled the water down quickly with ice water, and the metal canister collapsed, surprising Fallon.

“Put on your face shield, Jimmy,” Delaney told Fallon next. He said “Take this bottle and this funnel, and we’re going to pour liquid nitrogen into it.” Fallon was worried that the liquid nitrogen was getting on him, but Delaney assured him it was just getting on his gloves. They put the cap on the bottle, and put ping-pong balls over it. It very shortly exploded, sending the ping-pong balls skyrocketing everywhere.

The Tonight Show was highly entertaining this Friday, with Jimmy Fallon’s guests, Sting and Kevin Connolly, and the science experiments that Kevin Delaney demonstrated at the end of the show. Sting talked about his posh wines and his Broadway musical, “The Last Ship,” and he sang a song from the musical and appeared in a Ragtime Gals skit with Fallon. Connolly talked about one of his past experiences with Fallon and his wife, and the movie, Entourage.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Sting Sing Roxanne in Ragtime Gals Skit

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