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Ed Sheeran Talks About His Career, the Fans and the Future



Ed Sheeran was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly recently on his career, his fans, and the future he sees for himself. He was born in 1991 in west Yorkshire, England, and began recording his music in 2005.  He believes that music is a powerful way to bring people’s attention to a particular issue. His trade mark, other than his fire-red hair is he often has other actors as leads in his music videos.

When asked why he named his last two albums Plus, and Multiply he responded by saying he looks to see what direction the album is taking, then he names it accordingly. Sheeran named the album Multiply, because it made everything on the Plus album look bigger. He said he was not nervous about doing the dancing in his Thinking Out Loud video, but the producers were, and they did not want to release it as a single. He said they practiced five hours a day for three weeks, and he gives the credit to his dancers, who taught him the dance.

The song he is the most proud of is The A Team, because he won an Ivor Novello award back home in his native country for it. He also used to play the piano as child, but has not played since; that is the thing he feels he is missing in his life. His recent three-night concert in England was sold out on each night, and he felt he had to do it in order to show everyone that he is a serious musician. TV shows do not seem to take him as seriously as other artists, such as Lady Gaga, or even Taylor Swift. Sheeran said he was bumped off a talk show for Gaga.

Sheeran talked about his fans in the nosebleed seats having a good time listening to his music, and if he thought they would enjoy future concerts as well. Sheeran said before he started his career he received advice from a rapper in England called Registry 2, he told him there was no need for a band, when he sings on stage everyone sings, and screams the lyrics back at him; that is what they want. Sheeran said that is what he does; he makes sure everyone has a good time dancing, singing, and screaming.

The I’m A Mess singer said that at this point in his life Swift is an American standard, so his immediate goal is to catch up with her. He knows it will be hard, but says a little competition is healthy. Then he recalled the time when she passed him in album sales, that increased his momentum to do the same.

The singer was almost too embarrassed to admit he enjoys eating sushi, and gave his interviewer a laugh when he compared pizza to sex, by stating even if it happens to be bad, it is all good. When asked about putting his personal life out there in his songs, Sheeran said he plans to be as open and honest as he can with his fans, because the fans like when an artist exposes himself in their music. Sheeran said an artist should really put themselves out there when they write songs.

When asked what he thought of Texas, The Runaway singer was happy to say he really liked it. Texans are so warm, and friendly; people he did not even know were inviting him over for dinner. He was pleasantly surprised when a few people just started talking to him just to be nice. He emphasized how much he likes Texans.

Sheeran wants to reach stardom with his fans through his music in the future. One of the last questions he answered was if there was any thing he would not be open to talking about.  The singer replied that he was not a very sensitive person, and would be open to answering whatever he was asked.

Written by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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