‘Full House’ Sequel ‘Fuller House’ Going on Without Full Cast

Full House

The Netflix reboot, or sequel, to Full House (ABC), called Fuller House, is going to continue on with plans to air in 2016, without the full original cast having signed on to appear in the further adventures of the Tanner clan. Three of the original cast members are still in talks and might or might not be in the series, but it already has been definitely confirmed by People and other sources that the Olsen twins will not be in the cast, reprising their dual role as Michelle Tanner.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, 28, both acted surprised about the news about Netflix being behind airing a Full House sequel. John Stamos, along with the show’s original executive producers, are also behind efforts to get it made and on the air. Shortly following Stamos’ announcement, which he made to Jimmy Kimmel on Kimmel’s late night talk show, that a Full House sequel was in the works, Ashley said in a recent interview that when she had last seen Bob Saget not long ago, he had not said anything to her about the sequel. Mary-Kate said that she was “shocked” that John had not mentioned anything to her about the sequel.

However, what she said in the interview was, apparently, not the truth or not the full truth, as John Stamos used the social media platform of Twitter to call the twins out. Then, Stamos got in touch with Mary-Kate and tried to soothe any ruffled feathers; but, the outcome was that they will not be in the Fuller House cast.

Fuller House is based on the same general premise of Full House, except with women taking on the main roles that males had in Full House. D.J. Tanner, now known as D.J. Tanner-Fuller and played by Candace Cameron Bure reprising her original role, is a widowed mother with boys. She invites her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, played by Andrea Barber as in the original series, to move in with her and help her bring up her two boys, 12-year-old J.D. and 7-year-old Max. Kimmy will be a single mother, raising a teenage daughter, Ramona.

D.J. will, reportedly, also be pregnant and expecting another baby, as the series premieres. Actress Jodie Sweetin will also be returning as Stephanie Tanner, an aspiring musician.

Though John Stamos was one of the main driving forces behind getting Fuller House made and he is an executive producer of the series, he is currently just signed on to be a guest star now and then. That is because he is under contract full-time starring in the Fox sitcom, Grandfathered, that is scheduled to come out sometime this year. He will still be playing his original role as Uncle Jesse, but not, at least at first, as a cast regular.

Actor Dave Coulier, who got married this past summer, has reportedly signed on and will be in the Full House reboot, Fuller House, in his original role as Uncle Joey. Lori Loughlin, who played Rebecca, is still in talks and would like to be included in the sequel, “if,” as she puts it, “the powers that be are fair to all of us.”

She went to the press to reveal that she would like to be included in the cast of Fuller House, but apparently only if she believes that the contract she is offered is a fair one. Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner, is in talks, as well, and he has not yet signed a contract to appear in the sequel.

That all means that, as of now, the Netflix Full House sequel, Fuller House, will not have the full cast of Full House as cast members when it airs in 2016. The returning cast members who have signed on are Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, David Coulier and Jodie Sweetin, and John Stamos will also be returning, but in a guest starring role, as Uncle Jesse. The Olsen twins will not be in the sequel. Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin might be in Fuller House, but they are both still in talks, and are currently “maybes.”

Written By Douglas Cobb

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