Jimmy Fallon Interviews Charlize Theron and Tom Brokaw

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Jimmy Fallon

Another Monday came and went, and Jimmy Fallon had another great lineup of guests he interviewed on the Tonight Show, with actress Charlize Theron from the upcoming movie Mad Max: Fury Road, and former NBC anchorman, Tom Brokaw, talking about his latest book, A Lucky Life, Interrupted. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was the band, Death Cab for Cutie.

Jimmy Fallon received a standing ovation when he walked onto the stage, and he warmly welcomed the studio audience, saying “You’re here! You made it! Welcome to the Tonight Show!” In his monologue, Fallon made jokes about stories in the news, like Mother’s Day, and Obama calling three moms yesterday to surprise them. Fallon showed the video, somewhat doctored….

Then, Fallon joked about the Freedom Summit, and Donald Trump saying that he “would be the greatest president ever.” Jimmy Fallon was going to joke about Chris Christie spending over $80,000 at a Mets concession stand, but instead…members of The Roots made jokes about Chris Christie, because Fallon said he was on a diet involving no jokes about Chris Christie. He could not help himself, though, and Fallon made a couple of his own jokes about Chris Christie.

Fallon mentioned a teenager in Indiana taking his grandmother to the prom. He said “It got weird, though, when she left with someone else.”

Jimmy Fallon, at his desk, said that some of the guests this week will be Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Bill O’Reilly, Snoop Dogg, Nate Ruess, and more. Then, he said that Charlize Theron, from Mad Max: Fury Road, will be on tonight “and then we will slip into something more comfortable.” The musical guest, Fallon said,  “will be Death Cab for Cutie.”

After that, Fallon read off real letters from real kids. One kid wrote “We think you’re really funny, and maybe a little smart.” One 9-year-old sent in a few jokes for Fallon to read, like “What do alligators cook with?” The answer was “A croc-pot.”

Another letter was from a kid in Australia, who wrote that he thought that announcer, Steve Higgins, should try some “Vegemite,” because “he doesn’t do anything.” Higgins tried some on a slice of bread.

“That was not for the American palate,” Higgins said. Then, Jimmy Fallon tried some on bread. He cringed. He said “It tastes like waves. It comes in waves.”

The last letter was from Phoebe, who dared Fallon to dance with someone he did not know. He took Phoebe up on the dare, and danced with a female member of the studio audience.

Following a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the show, actress Charlize Theron. She came out dancing to Tina Turner’s We Don’t Need Another Hero song from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Charlize talked with Fallon about her son, and overhearing him saying “Karen, handle it!” as he was taking a bath.

Jimmy Fallon showed a photo of Charlize from the Mad Max: Fury Road flick. She looked tough, and her head was shaved.

“That was the most intense two-hour show I’ve seen in my life!” Fallon said. “It’s intense!”

Charlize agreed, saying “It’s quite relentless.”

“This is a reboot of the original Mad Max?” Fallon asked.

“Yeah, but it’s also a stand-alone,” Theron told him. She said it was “mostly filmed in Namibia.” Fallon asked her if she had met Mel Gibson, and she said “yes.” Then, he offered her some Vegemite on bread. She said she would probably “be disappointed,” as they had something similar, but made more with beef, in South Africa.

Jimmy Fallon suggested to Charlize that they visit the wardrobe department and wear something that each other might wear, getting “into something more comfortable.” The Tonight Show went to a break.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back on, he and Theron were dressed in the clothes that each one selected for the other to wear. They both looked pretty outlandish. “I like your little top hat,” Fallon said to Theron.

“I hate to say this — am I a man or am I a woman?” Fallon asked.

“You are a woman,” Theron said. “and your name is Rosita McClintock.” Fallon showed the heels of his shoes, and they were clear plastic, with dice in them.

Fallon got up and walked over to sit next to Charlize. He asked her, “Since you played some bass with Prince for awhile, would you mind playing some tonight?”

Theron agreed, and she and Fallon walked over to The Roots. She got a bass guitar from one of the band members and played it while she and Fallon danced in their costumes.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from another break, host Jimmy Fallon introduced former NBC anchorman, Tom Brokaw. Brokaw has a new book out that he talked about, A Lucky Life, Interrupted. Fallon showed a photo President Obama presenting Brokaw with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Fallon asked Brokaw if he had always been kind of straight-laced, and he said he had drank a lot of beer after leaving high school. Then, he met his wife-to-be, though, and stopped drinking and had three kids.

One major subject of the new book is Brokaw’s fight against cancer. He said “I am now in remission.” He had some spinal damage, though, and the doctors had to remove a part of his spine.

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show headed to another break, and when it came back on, Jimmy Fallon introduced the show’s musical guest, Death Cab for Cutie. They did the song The Ghosts of Beverly Drive from their latest album, Kintsugi. The guitarist was getting some very cool sounds from his guitar, and the entire song ROCKED OUT! The audience erupted in applause as the song ended.

The Tonight Show had a fantastic Monday night lineup tonight, with actress Charlize Theron talking with host Jimmy Fallon about her upcoming movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. Also, Tom Brokaw talked about his new book, A Lucky Life, Interrupted, and a little about his life and battle with cancer. Death Cab for Cutie ended the show on a rockin’ note.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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