‘Dancing With the Stars’: Semifinals Monday [Recap & Review]

Dancing With the Stars

It was an exciting Semifinals night episode on Dancing With the Stars this Monday, May 11, as the celebs taking part in the competition for the Mirrorball Trophy have now been narrowed down to the Final Four. Tomorrow night, one of the four will be eliminated, leaving just three celebs to move on to the Final Round next week.

The celebs and their pro dance partners had to perform one unlearned dance tonight on Dancing With the Stars. Also, they did a second dance, with the assistance of one of the four judges coaching them and telling them suggestions about what costumes to wear. For the second dance, the judge that assisted each team would not score that particular team, so for the second dance, the most points that a couple could earn was 30 instead of the usual 40.

The first celeb who danced on Dancing With the Stars was Rumer Willis. She and her partner for this season, Val, danced an amazing Viennese Waltz to The Weeknd’s song, Earned It. Rumer and Val have generally been among the top scorers this season, last week receiving two sets of perfect 40 scores from the judges. Tonight’s first dance earned them close to that, with the couple getting two 9s and two 10s for a total of 38 points, a great way to open the show.

The next celeb to take the dance floor on Dancing With the Stars was Noah Galloway. He and Sharna Burgess also performed a Viennese Waltz, to the David Cook song The Time of My Life. Noah has been both a terrific dancer and an inspiration to millions of viewers across America this season. He and Sharna did not get quite as high of a total score as did Rumer and Val, but they did pretty good, getting all 9s for a total of 36 points for their first dance.

The third celeb up on Dancing With the Stars was Riker Lynch. Riker and Allison Holker danced a Contemporary dance to Hozier’s popular song, Work Song. They NAILED this dance, and it was one of the highlights of tonight’s episode. The judges awarded them perfect 10s, for 40 big points.

That left just one celeb to go on Dancing With the Stars, Nastia Liukin. She and her partner, Sasha Farber (as Derek Hough is still recovering from an injury) danced a Quickstep to Christina Grimmie’s song, Feelin’ Good. They also performed a magnificent dance, another highlight of the show, and they followed suit in earning scores of all 10s from the judges, for a total of 40 points, tying them for the lead tonight.

With the first round of dances over, it was time on Dancing With the Stars for the Coached Dances. Rumer and Val’s coach was Bruno, and he offered both some good advice and…a unique perspective, helping the couple prepare to dance a Contemporary dance to the Theme from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. With his assistance or in spite of it, Rumer and Val got scores of perfect 10s, for an additional 30 points, or 68 out of 70 for the night.

Then, Noah Galloway and Sharna were coached on Dancing With the Stars by Carrie Ann Inaba. They did a Paso doble to the E.S. Posthumus song, Unstoppable. Carrie Ann also gave some fantastic advice, and/or the other judges were just going to give the couple another set of perfect scores, regardless, as Noah and Sharna also received perfect 10s for 30 points.

Riker and Allison’s coach on Dancing With the Stars was the lovely Julianne Hough, who will be also going against her brother, Derek, in this week’s Lip Sync Battle episode on Thursday night. The couple danced an Argentine tango to Beethoven’s Für Elise. They performed a spectacular dance, as well, racking up…all 10s once again, equaling 30 points.

The last celeb of tonight’s episode of Dancing With the Stars to dance the Coached Dance was Nastia Liukin. She and Sasha were coached by Len Goodman, who knows a thing or three about ballroom dancing. They danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz to guest performer, Leela James, singing her song, Fall for You. This will sound like a broken record, but Nastia and Sasha also earned scores of all 10s, which tied them at 70 overall points tonight in first place with Riker and Allison.

Tomorrow night on Dancing With the Stars, one of the celebs will be eliminated; but, which one? Noah and Sharna had the lowest combined total tonight, of 66 out of 70 points, while Rumer and Val were not far behind, with 68 out of a possible 70 points. Either Noah or Rumer could, conceivably, be eliminated tomorrow night. Be sure to tune in to find out who gets sent home and which three celebs move on!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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