The Originals Season 2 Finale: Ashes to Ashes [Recap/Review]

The Originals

The season two finale of The Originals, Ashes to Ashes, wrapped things up in a nice little bow. Of course, it is not over for the Mikaelson siblings, as season three has been confirmed. Unlike last year, there were no last minute bringing people back from the dead. The simplicity made it work perfectly.

To start with, Dahlia was performing her spell to link herself to Klaus. With just a drop of Hope’s blood, she will then be able to channel the baby’s powers. She then needs to sever her bond from Freya to make her bond with Hope permanent. Klaus has a twist, though. He daggers himself just as Dahlia links them, knocking both out. Freya wakes up with Hope nearby.

Elijah is full of rage after having to burn Gia’s corpse, and is not interested in anything Cami has to say. He wants to believe his brother has turned his back on the family. He is not the only one angry. Marcel is waiting for Rebekah to wake up, which she does and The Originals fans welcome Claire Holt back with open arms. Rather than Marcel kissing her, Rebekah answers a call from Freya and goes to fix things with Elijah.

Elijah is not just angry about Klaus’ betrayal, but also about condemning Hayley “to the body of a beast.” However, there is something more important on The Originals, and that is Hope. Elijah gets to Freya, and tells her that Esther is the one Dahlia loved most of all.

Meanwhile, Davina is still working on a spell to bring Kol back. She thinks she will do it, since the ancestors have given her access to the power she needs, but only for one spell.

Back at the compound, Elijah gets Klaus’ and Dahlia’s bodies back. The dagger is melting, and the Mikaelsons need to put Klaus’ plan into motion. To start with that, they need to dig up Esther’s body and then burn it to get the ashes, while Freya and Marcel search for Kol’s, without realizing Davina already has them. Freya is not bothered when she finds the white oak stake.

While Davina performs the spell, Rebekah distracts her long enough for Elijah to switch the ashes for Esther’s. Davina never realizes until Esther comes back instead of Kol. It is easy to feel sorry for Davina at this point on The Originals season two finale, Ashes to Ashes. She tried so hard. While Rebekah puts Davina into a sleeper hold, Elijah places magic resistant chain on his mother.

Back at the compound, Freya is about to kill Klaus, just as he wakes up. It leads to Dahlia waking and she gets hold of the stake. Klaus is not worried, until he finds out that the melting dagger was the link breaking between them. Luckily, Marcel is there to get Klaus out of the way. However, Hope has already been pricked by a plant, and Dahlia has everything she needs.

Klaus turns to Cami to look after Hope, while everyone else faces Dahlia. That is after Elijah gets to punch Klaus for everything he has done on The Originals lately. Elijah makes it clear that he has given up on Klaus now. In the magic-free jazz club, Cami is joined by Vincent and convinces him to stay to help Davina.

Dahlia almost wins when she turns the white oak stake into dust, making the Originals choke on it. However, Esther tries to get her sister to stop and finally tries to save her children. She uses the magic resistant chains, so Freya can use her powers on the white oak stake to save her siblings. Elijah gives Klaus the knife and all ingredients and stabs both Esther and Dahlia. There is a sweet moment between the sisters on The Originals where Esther apologizes and Dahlia forgives her.

Unlike the cliffhanger last season, The Originals tied things up this season. There is a time jump and Freya tells Rebekah that her human body has been restored if she wants it. Rebekah takes it while she finds a way to save Kol. Elijah gets the chance to see Hayley on the full moon to tell her that Hope is safe. Hayley wants Elijah to return to the compound for Hope’s sake. Ashes to Ashes wrapped up the season two finale of The Originals with Klaus telling Hope the story of the Wolf King who did everything to protect his daughter, clearly not setting much up for season three yet.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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