Joss Whedon Did Not Quit Twitter Because of Trolls

Joss Whedon

There is a large number of people quitting Twitter, and Joss Whedon has become one of them. Many started to question whether it was due to the hate that he had received due to his portrayal of the Black Widow in the recent Avengers movie. However, Whedon says that quitting Twitter definitely was not because of the trolls, and that it was to get away from all the noise.

During an interview with Buzzfeed, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator likened Twitter to Coachella. He said that while he was writing, he needed to get away from the noise, otherwise it would be like studying for the bar exam while at Coachella. It made sense for him to get away from it all, rather than trying to ask people to keep the noise down.

While Avengers: Age of Ultron quickly proved successful at the box office, taking in almost $400 million in the first five days, there are a number of people disappointed in it because of the Black Widow character. People have not liked her love interest storyline with the Hulk, or some of her big reveals throughout the movie. They claim that Whedon made her seem more sexualized than she really needed to be.

He has not been the first person involved in the Avengers to receive backlash from fans over comments made. Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans were both attacked after their comments on the character in an interview last month. They referred to the character as a “s**t” when asked about the fact that fans have shipped Black Widow with both Captain American and Hawkeye, but then it turned out that she was with the Hulk. Evans quickly apologized, but Renner has decided to not back down from his comment. Unlike Whedon, neither have quit Twitter, even though the director has said that it was not because of the trolls.

It is important to find a balance, and the fans are not the only ones complaining about Black Widow. Whedon has even complained about how many of the scenes with her were cut from the movie. Mark Ruffalo also took to Twitter to complain about the lack of merchandise for the character. She is a big part in the Captain America franchise, as well as Avengers, and people want to see more. They have clung onto her character as it shows females can be strong.

When talking to Buzzfeed, Whedon made it very clear that feminists and trolls have not be the reason for him closing down his Twitter account. He explained that since getting on Twitter, he has been attacked by militant feminists. He was just fed up of the noise that comes from the place.

While he has been attacked, there are still plenty of people supporting him. Ruffalo recently spoke out about how sad it is that feminists attack him, because deep down Whedon is a feminist. He is doing everything he can to bring in more women in movies, but Hollywood seems to have taken a step back from the times of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That being said, Whedon is not running away and trolls have not made him quit Twitter; it is all for creative purposes.

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