Supernatural: Dark Dynasty [Recap/Review]

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Supernatural fans should learn that nobody is safe, and Dark Dynasty made that clear. In fact, bringing back a beloved character so much recently, should have made it clear that the character was going to die soon. Of course, this is not about Crowley or Castiel. It was another C—Charlie!

Before getting to that, it is time for the episode. The Stein family was back, and Elton Stein spent the first part of the episode “harvesting” the eyeballs of a college student. It was clear as soon as the man jumped out of a third-story window that he was something supernatural, but only time would tell what.

One thing that Supernatural did again was bring in a mirror for the Winchester family. Elton got back home to show that there are certainly some daddy issues there. However, that is not important when he has been assigned to find the Winchesters, Charlie and the Book of the Damned.

Meanwhile, Dean just thinks that Sam’s coyness is because he has a lady friend. It seems strange having Dean stuck in the bunker researching, but that is all that he dares to do right now. His research has pulled up some interesting facts, like the Steins had helped Hilter before the Second World War, but going back to the 1800s, the line stops and Dean wants to know why.

Sam gets out of the bunker and sees Charlie. He also wants Castiel to help, which of course the angel does. Charlie is not too easy to pull at, and puts up a bit of an argument about how Dean needs to know, and she is especially unimpressed to find out about Rowena.

Dark Dynasty does see Charlie help Rowena in Supernatural, showing that technology may just help. Rowena tells Charlie all about the book’s creator, while going into the Charlie and Rowena similarities; it is not just the hair color! There is the fact that they are sexually progressive and had lonely childhoods. However, there is a big difference. Charlie will always be loyal to the Winchesters and Rowena foreshadows her death perfectly.

While Dean is out for pizza, he runs into the Steins and kills one. Have Supernatural monsters not learned not to get in the way of Dean and his food? At least it was not pie, otherwise all would likely be dead. That being said, Dean decides to take one prisoner. It is then that he finds out more about the Steins—their connection to Hitler, 9/11, and anything else bad in the world. Oh, and they were originally called Frankenstein until the book was written—based on their own secrets. That would explain the lack of family history before the 1800s.

Elton has one more fact. The Book of the Damned cannot be destroyed. Elton then rips off his arm and goes to find Charlie, giving Dean just 30 seconds or so to be made.

It all leads up perfectly to the end of the Supernatural hour. Sam tells Dean that Charlie is back at her motel room, which is where Elton finds her. She has the time to get all the files uploaded on the computer and sent straight to Sam and Dean, and then shatters the tablet before fighting. Charlie is in a bathtub in her own blood by the time the brothers turn up. Where is Castiel to help bring her back to life? Gadreel managed it in season nine! The look on Sam’s face does tell fans that Charlie is not coming back, and it is possibly because it is coming up to the season finale.

Of course, it does not mean Charlie is never coming back. Bobby and Benny made appearances this season, and Kevin is still a ghost with his mother. There is still hope, as difficult as the knowledge that Dark Dynasty was possibly Charlie’s last episode on Supernatural.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham