Justin Bieber Pens Heartbreak Album: Desperate for Selena Gomez Reunion

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Justin Bieber is supposedly gearing up to pen an entire studio album committed to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, hoping that the two will finally reconcile following their split last year. Bieber and Gomez had decided to split back in October taking after another explosive argument that was believed to have been instigated by the Baby hit maker. It was never revealed what caused the fight, but it was intense enough for Gomez to dump her boyfriend of three years.

Taking after their separation, Gomez was spotted spending time with music producer Zedd, which eventually turned into a relationship that the two would go ahead to affirm through social media. The romance, however, did not last as a rep for the couple said they commonly chose to remain close friends, adding that they will keep on supporting one another as pals, but nothing more than that.

Bieber is apparently taking a gander at this as his opportunity to win back the supposed love of his life. The 22-year-old Canadian singer was blinded by Gomez’s romance to Zedd, having suspected that it was a publicity stunt to make him envious, a source uncovered. When Bieber began seeing photos of the twosome flying all over the world together, his opinion quickly changed, quickly realising that winning Gomez back was most likely not going to happen.

However, with the announcement of her split to Zedd, Bieber is said to be writing a heartbreak album that is solely dedicated to Gomez, insiders share. The album, which will be the musician’s first in three years, is poised to become a hit for the fact that fans will grasp an understanding as to why Bieber and Gomez were consistently falling in and out of love with one another. Their break-up in October was certainly not their first, having split over the summer, and in January that same year.

The toxic relationship was indicating that Gomez and Bieber were fighting constantly, to the point where one needed to separate themselves from the other. January 2014 saw Gomez check herself into a rehab facility based in Arizona, supposedly due to the ongoing stress she had faced following her break-up to Bieber. That, along with the alleged Xanax addiction she had been struggling with, was enough for the former Disney star to get her priorities in order and make herself a priority — whether that is with Justin, or without him.

Meanwhile, the project is situated to highlight a considerable measure of individual melodies composed by Bieber himself, which his team are emphatically reassuring him to do. “They are urging him to write down his feelings and turn them into hit records,” a source tells HollywoodLife. “Look at all the amazing songs that have come from lost love, like Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River.’ Everyone close to Justin thinks it’s best to move on and remember the good times, but use the bad times as a career enhancer.”

The singer has yet to declare an official release date for his foreseen pending studio album. However, with the featured songs he has been releasing as of late — including the wildly popular Where Are U Now — the record is poised to hit stores before the year ends.

By Maurice Cassidy

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