Kendall Jenner Betrays Rob Kardashian: Befriends His Ex Rita Ora?

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Kendall Jenner stunned fans when she posed for photographs with British-vocalist Rita Ora this week. The Black Widow songstress attended the amfAR affair in Cannes, just to be brought together with her former pal, who she had not seen since Ora famously dumped the model’s brother Rob Kardashian back in 2012. The USC-graduate is said to be enraged over his sister’s betrayal to spend time with his ex though Jenner claims the two have been friends for years.

Kardashian, who has been battling his weight gain after his separation to Ora, shamefully disfavored the 24-year-old on social media, claiming she had cheated on him with more than twenty men. The Arthur George sock designer would then go on to allege that Ora had aborted their baby in a series of shocking tweets which the reality star deleted shortly afterwards.

Following the outrageous remarks, Ora came forward and told her side of the story, stressing that Kardashian was bitter over the split and felt the need to make her feel bad for breaking his heart. The Roc Nation-signed artist went on to conclude that her main reason on wanting to end the romance was solely down to the fact that she needed to concentrate on her music career. It was essentially down to the way that she was not able to manage with her career while being in a distant relationship.

Notwithstanding what the fallout to their separation was, Jenner is said to have never taken sides in her sibling’s public spat with his ex, seeing that she was generally close to Ora amid the time the singer dated Kardashian. Sources state that Jenner, along with the rest of the family, did not believe their sibling’s story on how Ora cheated with dozens of men in the course of one year, adding that if they were to ever run into the singer, there would not have been any sort of drama. Jenner is aware that a feud may erupt between her and Kardashian, but she feels the right to make her own choices, an insider stressed.

“Kendall does not give a second thought what Rob thinks about her and Rita hanging out,” a source tells RadarOnline, demanding that Jenner does not have the same furious affections for Ora that her sibling still has a tendency to clutch. “Kendall and Rita were really close companions when she was dating Rob and have remained companions from that point onward.”

The Kardashians have struggled to deal with Kardashian’s recent wild antics. Not only is the reality star suffering from depression, his weight gain has gotten in the way of living a healthy lifestyle, causing him to distance himself from everyone that is closest to him. The 27-year-old had painted a picture of Ora that was not pleasant.

It somewhat hurt her reputation — particularly in the States where she has been struggling to make a name for herself, a source continued. Be that as it may, with Jenner demonstrating that there is truly no animosity in between her and Ora, reports propose that the songstress may have not been at flaw for her ex’s sudden destruction, after all. Jenner’s friendship to Ora has not been accepted by Kardashian, reportedly causing a mild feud in the family, yet Jenner is said to have not bothered in retaliating to her brother.

By Maurice Cassidy


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