Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 3

Stanley Cup
Stanley Cup playoffs are in the middle of round three. In the Western Conference Finals, the Anaheim Ducks face off against the Chicago Black Hawks in Game Four of their series on May 23 at 8:00 p.m. eastern standard time. The New York Rangers face the Tampa Bay Lightning in the eastern conference finals in Game Five of their series on Sunday, May 24 in New York at 8:00 p.m. eastern standard time.

After losing to the Lightning 2-1 in Game Three of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Rangers came back with one the finest games in their playoff history, and taking the win 5-1. Henrik Lankqvist was in-goal for the Rangers, and out of 40 shots bombarding him, only one got past him. Rick Nash, Kevin Klein, and Keith Yandle were the scorers for the team. It was just over 17 minutes in to the first period that they were able to take the lead, but it came with vengeance. Nash shoved his way to the net and slapped one in past Ben Bishop. Steve Stamkos was able to tie the game at one, but the Rangers ran away with it after that. From that point on, the Lightning could not answer New York’s offense, who scored two goals in the second period. When Tampa Bay was suffering from penalties in the third period, New York took advantage with two more goals for the win.

After playing the two prior games so dreary, Lankqvist promised to play better, and he kept his word, with more than 37 saves. He played harder, and more belligerently than before putting on one of his best Stanley Cup playoff performances of his career.

Stamkos went eight straight games in the playoffs without scoring for Tampa Bay, then in the last several games he had six goals, but it would not be good enough for the heated up defense. Stamkos did not get the aid of his team, and he could not pull it out all by himself.

With the momentum switching from team to team, the series could quite possibly go to seven games. The fans have been entertained so far, with the competitive drive of both these teams. The Rangers, and the Lightning have both been able to prove themselves in Round Three of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In Game Three of the Western Conference Stanley Cup playoffs, Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks has spent most of the playoffs terrifying goalies with his dirty scoring. A playoff game without him tipping one in is rare. His pesky ways led to his teammate scoring, and the go ahead score in the second period. Simon Despres was a last-minute trade that until now, no one was really sure it paid off. Scoring his goal in the second period, tied him for third defenseman playoff goals. Patrick Kane had not scored in two games, but he was able to spin one past Frederik Anderson. The Ducks have been inspiring so far, with a two game lead over the Blackhawks going in to Game Four, tonight at 8:00 pm. The Stanley Cup playoffs are heating up in the West.

In Game Four, the Rangers brought out their biggest guns against the Lightning, according to Dave Farrish, a former defenseman, assistant coach, and coach. Lundqvist was unbeatable in the net, and Nash with adding two scores to the board was resilient. These guys really broke through, and made it so New York would emerge victorious in Game Four of the Stanley Cup playoffs, making round three a treat for the fans. With two playoff games, that have four competitive teams fighting for a chance to carry the Cup around the ice, hockey fans are in for a real treat this weekend.

Commentary By Katherine Miller-Chichester

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Photo courtesy of Clyde’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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