Eurovision 2015 Winner Revealed [Video]

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Today, May 23, the winner of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest was revealed. The glass microphone was passed from former winner Conchita Wurst to Sweden’s own hero, Mans Zelmerlow, who rang in with well over 300 points. He was so high up, in fact, that the results were called when there were still four more countries to announce their choices (the countries were still allowed to state this, but Zelmerlow was announced as the winner due to there being no chance of him being beaten out). The rest of the ranking (up to the top 10, as well as the bottom few countries) is as follows:

Runner Up: Russia’s Polina Gagarina came in at a close second, also having over 300 points. At first, it seemed as though she would win; indeed, after the first half of the voting she was ahead of Zelmerlow but he slowly inched her out in the second half.

Third: Il Volo also seemed as though they might take the title home, with many countries announcing that they had given the trio 12 points. However, they ranked under the A Million Voices singer with under 300 pounds.

Fourth: Belgium. Loic Nottet started lower down in the chart during the voting announcements, but as time went by more and more countries were awarding the singer any of the eight, 10, or 12 points allotted.

Fifth: Special guest country Australia ranked here, and Guy Sebastian was ecstatic at finishing so high given that the country had never even been allowed to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest before. Indeed, some countries even gave the nation the most points possible on occasion.

Sixth: Latvia. Country representative Aminata slowly moved up during the 40 country vote, surprising many.

Seventh: Estonia. Elina Born and Stig Rasta’s Goodbye to Yesterday was originally seen as a high possibility to win the whole thing, so it was understandable that they ranked high even though they were not crowned.

Eighth: Norway’s Morland and Debrah Scarlett took this place with their song A Monster Like Me. They were also in the high favorites to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Ninth: After qualifying for the first time in five years, Israel’s Nadav Guedj was awarded the honor of coming in the top 10. It is indeed a remarkable feat for a country to rank this high in a field of 27 after not making the final for so long.

Tenth: Given 12 points by at least one country, Serbia’s Bojana Stamenov took ninth place with Beauty Never Lies. There were some predictions that she may even have been the dark horse to win, much like Wurst last year.

Host country Austria, represented by The Makemakes ranked dead last, coming in with zero points. This is the second time that this has happened with the nation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Germany’s Ann Sophie also did not score anything, meaning that two of the seven straight to final countries got no points whatsoever. Lisa Angel, from France (also in the “Big Seven” of this year) ranked just a little higher with four points. United Kingdom’s Electro Velvet received five.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


ABC – Eurovision 2015: Mans Zelmerlow wins for Sweden in 60th anniversary of song contest in Vienna