Sharon Osbourne Collapses: Exhaustion Fears She May Quit ‘The Talk’

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Sharon Osbourne is taking a one-month break from her hosting obligations on The Talk taking after a terrifying collapse that has her doctors advising her to take time off work. The 62-year-old, who is busier than at any other time in recent memory with numerous anticipated projects, could not keep up with her tight schedule, so after landing in Los Angeles from a New York flight, Osbourne’s body surrendered, and she collapsed.

People magazine affirms that the mother-of-three had touched base at LAX airport when she purportedly “collapsed from mental and physical fatigue.” A specialist discovered that the Hollywood celeb was experiencing extreme weariness, leaving her no choice but to request a much-needed break from her hosting position on her hit CBS talk-show.

The TV-personality’s rep revealed in a statement: “Sharon has been advised and has agreed to take a month hiatus to recover fully from these recent events,” adding that Osbourne is unfathomably thankful for the support she has gotten from fans who have wished her a quick recuperation. Her rep guarantees that she will definitely make a return to The Talk sometime next month, expelling rumors Osbourne may quit the show over health problems.

Then again, her wellbeing conditions are prone to exacerbate if the former reality star does not take better care of herself.  The wife to rockstar Ozzy Osbourne is known to be a workaholic. She broadly marked on to return as a judge on X Factor UK in 2013, but quickly regretted the decision as she was still committed to appear on her talk show in Los Angeles. Osbourne would go on to fly back and forth from London to the States each week for six months, leaving her exhausted and extremely moody.

In an interview with Howard Stern that same year, she had stated that while she was rarely given time off to be with her family, the money she was paid from her season on the talent show made the exhausting experience worth it. She did, however, opt out of returning to the program for another series, having thought that it was difficult to juggle both occupations around the same time with minimal rest. Given her age, Osbourne is most likely accomplishing more than her body has the capacity to handle.

The Talk has encountered an awesome measure of achievement, having, as of late, been named one of the most noteworthy appraised television shows on daytime TV, beating rivalry from the likes of The View, The Queen Latifah Show and The Real. Osbourne’s nonappearance from the program for the next four weeks could conceivably see the ratings drop, seeing that she has a blunt personality, and does not timid far from what is at the forefront of her thoughts.

Nonetheless, the aging star is said to be taking things rather lightly following her collapse. Though she will struggle to come to terms with the fact that she will need to slow down with her work duties, doing so is much better news than to be told that she has suffered yet another collapse.

Without a healthy lifestyle, she will not be able to commit herself in making The Talk a continued success, and could potentially have to quit the show entirely. Moreover, the Osbournes share a $220 million net worth, which has fans wondering why the outspoken TV-host is working over her limit to begin with.

By Maurice Cassidy


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