Kim Kardashian Desperate to Become Pregnant: Wants Sibling for North West


Kim Kardashian has become so frustrated with her struggle to get pregnant for a second time; she is taking after a one of a kind rundown of tips that could potentially help her to conceive. The reality star, who has stressed in several recent interviews on how much she wants another baby, had expected for some positive news regarding her pregnancy situation, but nothing has worked so far. In an attempt to conceive by the end of the year, Kardashian is following strict guidelines, hoping she can get pregnant, and give daughter North West a sibling.

After a few visits to a specialist, the 34-year-old learned that her reproductive system had significantly slowed down since she became pregnant with West. The older she gets, the less likely it is that she can conceive a child — at least, the natural way. The socialite has not taken the news well, having told close friends that despite having tried for another baby for the last couple of months, she is still failing to conceive.

Sources uncover that the reality star is currently at the phase where she is taking any counsel she can get. As a last resort, Kardashian has said she will settle for regular fertility treatments but remains confident in that she will conceive again with some of the advice family and friends have given her. “Kim has looked for help in the most unusual ways. She has been eating all sorts of odd foods she has heard help fertility,” a source revealed.

The social media fanatic has included blueberry jam, maple syrup, espresso and grapefruits in her eating regimen. She is trusting that this particular nourishment, that has been recommended to her, will give the sufficient support she needs to conceive, at least, one more child to husband Kanye West. Kardashian has stressed in recent months that part of her wanting to get pregnant again is because she is destined to give her daughter a sibling. She remembers how much fun she had growing up with her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, and wants West to experience that, too.

Her pregnancy to two-year-old daughter West was considered to have been a miracle, having experienced serious fertility issues beforehand, which Kardashian admitted in a 2013 meeting with TODAY. “It’s kind of a miracle that I even got pregnant. It was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and then the opposite happens.”

The socialite’s spouse is apparently wanting to discharge his inevitable studio album at some point this year, trailed by a world tour that is being featured with musical pal Rihanna. Kardashian is trusting that she gets pregnant well before her man heads on out for his performing duties, knowing that West could potentially be away for more than half a year.

Kardashian’s sudden change on wanting to have another baby came after the conception of her daughter, having grumbled of being “out of shape,” prior to giving birth. Kardashian was troubled with news outlets ridiculing the baby weight she had picked up all through her pregnancy. She notoriously went on to stress how much she missed having the capacity to fit into her favorite designer clothes, bringing on the shock with moms who condemned the star for not admiring the experience of pregnancy.

All things considered, the business mogul apparently did transform her supposition after some time, understanding that having her daughter was a standout amongst the most rewarding things she had received in life. Should she fall pregnant with her second child in the near future, Kardashian has stressed that she will not pay attention to the negativity this time around. Kardashian naturally wants to fall pregnant again and give her daughter, West a sibling.

By Maurice Cassidy


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