Microsoft Corporation Shares Windows 10 Preview, Installation Guide for Insiders


Microsoft Corporation has shared a preview version of Windows 10 operating system and its installation guide has been made available only to insiders. It has been confirmed by Microsoft that Windows 10 will be released very soon, probably in Summer 2015. Reportedly, Microsoft has been updating the preview version of the much-anticipated, last operating system from Windows since October 2014. The programming team has added Cortana digital personal assistant, updated the Edge browser, and integrated a host of other new features since the very first preview version of Windows 10 was circulated in a much regulated style.

Windows 10 Preview Available Only to Insiders

Though the official launch of the OS is just a few months away, for enthusiasts who just cannot wait any longer to get to use Windows 10, here is the guide for installing the preview version right now. The most important thing to know before one tries to install the preview version of Windows 10 is that unlike the previous version of the operating system’s Consumer Preview, the Technical Preview of Windows 10 will be available only through the newly integrated Windows Insider program.

Microsoft has cleverly started the insider program as it strives to make Windows 10 not just another upgrade built on Windows 8. Users who are a part of the program and will be able to use the trial version of Windows 10 Technical Preview have been asked to provide regular feedback. Platforms and forums have been set up by Microsoft for users where they will be able to discuss the problem areas and glitches with the company’s engineers. The new OS will be a platform that catapults Windows as a service to be used across various platforms including tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, PCs, Surface Hub, and Microsoft Hololens.

Windows 10 Preview Installation Warning

People who are ready to install the preview version of Windows 10, must remember that as this is not the final official version, the operating system might be unstable and crash. Microsoft has stressed on the fact in its disclaimer statement that the preview version of Windows 10 includes early, pre-release and experimental software. This means that users who choose to install this version may experience some data loss in rare circumstances and occasional crashes.

There is good reason why Microsoft has not rolled out the preview version of Windows 10 for all the customers as of now. A lot of work is still ongoing towards eliminating all the hiccups and bugs before its worldwide release. However, if someone still chooses to install the trial version of Windows 10, the person needs to back up all the important data and files on the computer before going forward with the installation process. Using a cloud storage service like One Drive or Dropbox to make sure that no important data is lost could be recommended.

Installing Windows 10 Preview Version

The basic requirement for someone to install the preview version of Windows 10 is a Windows tablet which has x86 processor or a PC. The preview will not work on Windows RT tablets. It requires a minimum of 1GHz processor which supports PAE, NX, and SSE2. It needs 2GB memory for 64-bit RAM or 1GB for 32-bit RAM. DirectX9 graphics with WDDM driver and a minimum of 16 GB hard disk space is required. A Microsoft account is also needed for the installation of the preview version.

These are the basic requirements that Microsoft Corporation has shared for the installation of the preview version of Windows 10 operating system in the guide that has been made available only to insiders. In very few instances, it might prompt the user for a product key for completing the technical preview installation. A publication specializing in PCs and technology news has shared the product key as NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR. However, the product key remains unconfirmed and has not been authenticated by Microsoft.

For getting started, one needs to go to and click on ‘Get Started.’ Before downloading the preview version of Windows 10, every user will need to register for the Windows Insider Program. It is important that one does not overwrite the current operating system on the PC with this version. This is bound to prove destructive for the computer’s inbuilt programs. It will delete Windows Media Center from Windows 8.1 Pro, and Windows Media Player will be unable to play any DVDs. As there are many technicalities involved, using an unused, spare PC to try the installation of the preview version of Windows 10 might be a good idea. However, before the final version of the OS is released, Microsoft Corporation has shared this preview version of Windows 10, and the installation guide for insiders.

By Ankur Sinha

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