Apple Inc. Siri Can Help Maximize Watch With Useful Commands

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Apple Inc’s voice-controlled virtual assistant Siri has been one of the helpful features in the iOS platform that runs Apple’s mobile devices, and it can as well, help maximize the recent Apple Watch with many useful commands. Talking is a secondary interface on the iPhone, next to tapping. However, in the Apple Watch, it is the primary interface.

Apple Inc launched Apple Watch, with a built-in Siri. The tech titan is even starting to implement smarter offerings for the wearable. Giving Siri voice commands is not limited to conveying a text, but initiating more actions, such as, searching services, browsing images and launching applications. While it seems like science fiction to voice command a watch, Apple Inc makes it realistic with Siri. The following commands, compiled by iMore, can help those who wear Apple Watch to save more time.

Making a call without touching anything is an ultimate convenience. Siri can be asked to call anyone, using the names existing in the Contacts, or even their relationship to the user, as long as they are pre-set. A user feedback on IT ProPortal says calls made that way are even clearer. Siri can call the contact persons at home, at their office, on their mobile devices, or simply by saying the number directly. “Hey Siri, call 063-928-4519” – best when one is driving, cooking or busy with something else.

Telling Siri to send messages has many ways. The user can say “tell…,” “send a message to…,” “text…” or “reply to.” From these commands, the user can add anything for Siri to act on it – “Tell Ann to call me now,” “send a message to 108-2356-3423,” “text Pat” or “reply to Bill.”

Apple Inc’s Siri can answer questions as well. It taps into Wolfram Alpha or Wikipedia to do so and answer whatever question thrown by the user, like general topics, mathematics, geography, calorie counts and others. The iOS VA can satisfy one’s curiosity, settle arguments and win bets. “Hey Siri, who was the first woman astronaut?”

The iOS digital assistant is good in finding places. The user can find out where is he going, or what place he is in. He can ask Siri for walking and driving directions between places. Siri can find places to eat, an Asian restaurant or places which sell medicine, electronics or fix cars. “Hey Siri, where can I eat seafood?”

VA Siri can help maximize the Apple Watch with useful commands, and act like a real personal assistant by setting reminders. Aside from the Reminders app on Apple’s first wearable, the user can still command Siri to set reminders for a place or time, such as, “Hey Siri, remind me to call John when I get to the office.”

Apple Inc’s Siri can change existing alarm, not just to set alarms and wake the user up for a scheduled time. If an appointment is cancelled, the user can say, “Hey Siri, change my 9am alarm to 11am.”

Siri can tell the current time and date, or what days any holiday or date falls on and how many days are left until a certain event. Furthermore, the Apple Inc virtual assistant can tell what is the current time, anywhere, and can correctly answer “Hey Siri, what time is it in London?”

The timers in Apple Inc’s Watch can be set, paused, resumed and stopped; and Siri can do all those. For instance, while the user is driving, he can command the VA, “Hey Siri, set a timer for 10 minutes.”

The Apple Watch allows users to create meetings, either one-time or recurring ones. Users can likewise check when a certain meeting is set for, their overall schedule or today’s schedule. Showing the user schedule or these tasks are easy for Siri. “Hey, Siri, what is my schedule on Thursday?”

Siri can show the weather, anywhere – the current temperature, precipitation chance and the time for sunrise and sunset. This is even possible beyond the current time and location, for any place worldwide. Siri can tell all this information any time in the next week. “Hey Siri, is it going to rain in Manila on Monday?”

Apple Inc Siri can help maximize the Watch with these and many more helpful commands. Apple Watch owners can check the ultimate guides and tips pages on how Siri can help them save more time with voice commands.

By Judith Aparri

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Photo courtesy of Shinya Suzuki’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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