Kylie Jenner Quitting ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’?


Kylie Jenner is planning to quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians following a series of scandals that have made the reality star want to distance herself from the program. According to Life & Style magazine, the 17-year-old has no interest in staying on reality-TV, feeling that the family no longer has a place on television, especially after Bruce Jenner’s sex change confession.

The socialite was said to have been deeply affected by her father’s sudden decision to become a woman. As revealed in a recent episode on the show, nobody in the family was aware of the fact that the 65-year-old had desired a sex change for decades, leaving them so much more shocked by the news. Jenner, on the other hand, did not take the news as well as other family members did, feeling embarrassed for the fact that she would have to deal with public scrutiny over her father’s transformation.

The former Olympic athlete revealed his ongoing gender reassignment process last month, confirming that he will be transitioning into a woman before the summer. Last week’s episode of KUWTK saw Jenner distance herself from sisters Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian following a trip to Montana. The 17-year-old did not feel comfortable being around her siblings with cameras filming her, especially not when her father was always the topic of discussion. It resulted in the teen wanting to keep to herself for the majority of the trip.


“Obviously, it has to be very hard for a teenager to have a father go through a sex change, and it seems she is embarrassed,” an insider stressed. “Kylie is just shutting Bruce out and it’s breaking his heart.” In a desperate attempt to try and find acceptance in her father’s new life, Jenner believes that removing herself from a platform, such as reality television, could help her adjust to the idea better than to constantly wonder how she will be perceived by others.

Another factor as to why the PacSun clothing designer is ready to quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians is so that she will no longer have to hide the fact that she is dating 25-year-old rapper, Tyga. Jenner, 17, has been connected to the Rack City hitmaker since the previous summer, and with her choice to purchase a $2.7 million house out in Calabasas, it is being intensely theorized that the two will be living together. A source reveals that when she turns 18, she will transparently confess to being involved with the rapper, yet allegedly has no enthusiasm for inviting cameras back to her home. By then, the reality star would want to have distanced herself from the show so she can carry on with a fairly private life. 

E! will not hold the 17-year-old’s decision against her, seeing that the show is more focused on the Kardashian sisters and their everyday lives. When Rob Kardashian decided he no longer wanted to be on the family’s reality show following his ongoing weight gain battle, the network was happy to oblige to his wishes. It has been noted that whenever a family member chooses to no longer be on the program, their earnings are immediately scratched off. This means that Jenner will no longer receive her supposed $5,000 per episode, when she makes her exit official.

As production of the show’s current tenth season is coming to a close, Jenner could quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians as early as next month. She will embark on other ventures later this year, hoping to expand her BELLAMI hair extension line, followed by the upcoming PacSun summer clothing range she is to launch alongside sister, Kendall Jenner. 

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