‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Stage vs. Street

So you think you can dance

So you think you can dance starts its 12th season with a stage vs. street twist. The show takes on a new theme as well as two new judges, Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo, who are coming to join Nigel Lythgoe. Abdul has devoted most of her career to helping some of the top dancers in the country with their dance movements and patterns. Derulo announced that he is excited to be part of such a well-respected show which has thrived for 11 seasons, and he hopes to add to its success and development.

Travis Wall is brought in as the stage team advisor, who was a first runner-up in season two, and has been involved with the show since then. Wall feels that the stage team has the professionalism that the street team can not match. Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss is the street team’s advisor; he tried out for season three ,and lost the last men’s spot to someone else. He wanted to be on So You Think You can Dance so much that he came back to audition for season four, and made All Star. ‘Twitch’ is excited to see what the street team can bring to the competition. He says whatever style they have, it always starts with the love of dance.

Dancers go through a series of auditions with the judges critiquing each one, and the best 20 applicants will make the final cut, with the result that 10 will be on each team. Each week the dancers will be challenged, and the one person who does not measure up to the rest will be sent home. The final challenge at the end of the season will be between the last dancer on both the stage and street teams, and one will be the winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 12.

The Vice President of Alternative Entertainment for FOX, Simon Andreae, says the dances are full of so much passion that the show has earned its loyal following for an impromptu TV series. He is thrilled about the new twist for the upcoming season, and feels it will help the series stay up to date and branch out new opportunities for the show. Lythgoe promises more excitement for the fans, with more difficulties for the contestants. The directors and producers have discovered a way to capture the competitiveness of diverse dancers.

Auditions for the featured show started in January and go into March, being held in the well-known cities of New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Memphis, and Michigan. The new theme is debuting on June 1, and is building excitement and enthusiasm with the two new celebrity judges. Abdul, who started dancing at eight-years-old and has been in the music industry for years, is eager to participate in the new production of So You Think You Can Dance with the stage vs. street competition. Derulo is enthusiastic about the opportunity to be a part of the popular series. Lythgoe stated that Derulo’s originality and wit brings a brand new perception to the panel.

So You Think You Can Dance stage vs. street premieres with this new twist, with celebrity judges and Lythgoe saying it will not be short on entertainment. Anyone wishing to audition for the show must be a United Stated citizen, or legally allowed to work in the country. The contestants chosen to advance will be placed in one of the two groups; stage is for the people trained in modern-day dance such as Jazz or Ballet, while the street performers are chosen for their talents in hip hop or breakdancing.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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tv by the numbers: Paula Abdul, Jason Derulo join Nigel Lythgoe as judges in So You Thin You Can Dance

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