Massachusetts Seven-Year-Old Shooting Captured on Video


The Massachusetts shooting incident which involved a seven-year-old boy being shot Sunday, May 24, while riding his bike over the holiday weekend, has been captured on video thanks to a surveillance camera belonging to a store located nearby. The boy who has been identified as Divan Silva, returned home from the hospital, and his family shared news that he is making a swift and strong recovery. Silva reported that before he sustained his injury from the shooting, he had been riding his bike and it seem as though out of nowhere he suddenly heard gunshots being fired.

The innocent second grader from Brockton, Massachusetts, said that he was riding his bike over to Dorchester so he could visit with one of his family members. On his way there, he had made a quick stop to the store to grab some water and that was where the store’s surveillance cameras had captured footage of the seven-year-old boy getting hit by one of the bullets fired during the shooting.

In the video, which captured the seven-year-old boy from Massachusetts getting shot, Silva can be seen riding his bike around the corner of the store  right next to the street, then making his way towards a barbershop. Seconds later, he is seen grabbing onto his leg, as if he were in pain. Instantly, the camera shows the boy rolling off the side of his bicycle and examining the back of his left thigh, while his blood,which stained the sidewalk, could be seen.

MassachusettsMassachusetts police said that during the incident, the young boy had been shot in the buttocks while he was passing by the barbershop on his bike. At the same time, one of the bullets that had been fired grazed the head of a man, 20 years of age. During the shooting, the barbershop’s front window had been hit, completely shattering the glass.

Silva had undergone surgery Sunday night at Boston Children’s Hospital. He was released to go home on Wednesday, but stayed just long en0ugh to be able to meet Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the New England Patriots, who happened to be visiting the kids at Boston Children’s Hospital that day.

At this time, the person responsible for the shooting remains at large and police have very little information to go on regarding the incident, making the search for locating any possible suspects a rather difficult task. The Boston Police Commissioner, William Evans, made a statement saying that anyone with information on the shooter or the incident is expected to come forward, because withholding such information is only protecting the shooter. Evans said that whomever it was that shot this young boy must be held accountable for what they have done.

During the time of the shooting, which occurred in front of a Massachusetts barbershop, there had been a group of men that were gathered together by the shop’s entrance. When the men were questioned by the authorities regarding the shooting, they claimed to have no idea who the shooter’s intended target had been. Police reported the suspect, who is believed to be a Black male between the ages of 14 and 18, had been wearing white or tan pants with a red hoodie at the time of the shooting.

Although the incident, involving a seven-year-old Massachusetts boy being shot while riding his bicycle, has been captured on video, the situation still has left his mother, Dijanira DeAndrade, feeling very uneasy. Her biggest concern is that the person who almost took her son’s life is still roaming around freely without consequence and that, to her, is a major problem.

By Kameron Hadley


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