Lifetime’s New Series ‘Preach’ Set to Premiere in June


Lifetime announced on May 5 that they would be premiering a brand new series in June titled, Preach. The series which is being described as a documentary style show will follow four female preachers as they share not only the word of God, but also their relationship with Him.

In the press release for the new series, Lifetime says that it will be following these four female leaders, who they are describing as powerful individuals. The women all believe that they have been gifted by God with the ability to heal those who are sick. They also believe that they have the ability to rid people of addictions and even see the future.

These women who use the term prophetess, speak as interpreters for God and share His will. In an effort to ensure that their work is continued, these women will be teaching new proteges and guiding them in how to carry on with their mission. Each woman has their own style and teaching methods in getting their message across, but they are all the same in their passion for sharing the word of God.

PreachIn the new Lifetime series, Preach, premiering in June, the network is following all four of the prophetesses and their proteges as they share their gift with the world. The series will highlight all of the female preachers and the women they are training.

  • Belinda Scott is from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She is a self-described Major Prophetess. Scott has been known to give council to not only celebrities, but also politicians across the country. Her gifted ability is to predict the birth of a child. She specializes in blessing the wombs of women who are considered to be barren. Scott’s protege is Hadassah Elder. Elder was raised as a Muslim, therefore there are some challenges as a protege adjusting to life and teachings of Christianity.
  • Taketa Williams is from Columbus, Ohio. She has a following across the globe and has been described as “Beyonce of the Preaching World.” Williams’ protege is Rebecca Hairston, a mother of three. Williams trains Hairston with a very strict hand and is willing to let a person go if they do not rise up to her exacting standards.
  • Linda Roark is from Trenton, Ohio. Roark is known as “Blue-Eyed Soul Sister” and her particular specialty is helping individuals who live on the streets, bringing them to a relationship with God. It is said that she “looks white but preaches black,” and is admired for her ability to roar in church, while getting people to stand up on their feet. Roark’s protege is Angel Pound. Pound is a former drug addict. She has since turned her life around, and yet she is haunted by the things that happened in her past, things that may impact her ability to one day become a Prophetess.
  • Kelly Crews of Cleveland, Ohio is the final Prophetess. She is a former protege of Scott’s and is working on building up her own ministry. Crews is the only single Prophetess, and it is said that her gift is what makes it hard for her to find a man who can handle being with her. Stacey Williams is Crews’ protege. Williams is not only a newlywed, but she is also pregnant. This means that she is struggling with making her training a priority.

Lifetime’s new series Preach is set to premier on June 5 at 10 PM EST. The network has ordered six episodes of the show. Each of the episodes will run for one hour, and will follow the women as they not only teach their gifts, but also help those in need.

By Kimberley Spinney


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Photos by Karolina Wojtasik – Courtesy of Lifetime

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