Lindsay Lohan Admits Not Doing Enough Community Service

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly admitted to not doing enough community service. Her lawyers attended court for her on Thursday to discuss the amount of community service she had served. She had previously promised to complete 125 additional hours by May 28, after many of her original 250 hours were deemed questionable. Her lawyers said that she had only done about 10 of the hours.

Lohan has been in London for a few weeks, working with a charity to get her hours up. It is possible that she could work full-time for the next three weeks to complete her community service hours. That would be realistic considering she is currently out of work. However, attorney Shawn Holley says that it would be difficult due to the 90-minute commute between the organization and her home.

Mark A. Young, the court judge residing over the case, agreed that Lohan could change her schedule and living location. She would be allowed to travel to Brooklyn, where she could complete the hours at the Brooklyn Community Center. She is still to complete all the hours by May 28, and the judge has informed her lawyers that there will be consequences if she does not. If she fails to complete them, she could face jail time again.

The prosecution considered asking for the probation to be revoked. It was claimed that the Mean Girls star was not taking any of this sensibly. While she has not said she is not taking it seriously, Lohan has admitted to not doing enough hours and come up with excuses why.

The community service dates back to a reckless driving case in 2012 on the Pacific Coast Highway, where she crashed her car. This is not the first time she has been placed on probation and if she ends up in jail, it will not be the first time either. The star has a long list of run-ins with the law, including for theft, drink driving and reckless driving.

The prosecution decided not to ask for an arrest warrant in the end. Attorney Terry White decided to listen to the judge, who decided that there was definitely still time for Lohan to complete her community service. If she completes it by the end of this month, she will be able to live her life normally again. However, she will have to complete it at a standard that pleases the court.

In February, she claimed that she had completed 250 hours, but some of them were pulled in for questioning. White noticed that a 10-hour shift was recorded when she was attending the emergency room for a virus she picked up while in Bora Bora.

The Freaky Friday star has been threatened with consequences in the past. It appears that the prosecution may push for something to actually happen if she does fail this time. The question is whether it will really happen. Only time will tell, as Lohan admits that she was unable to complete all her community service due to commuting problem.

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