Facebook Could Be the Option to Make Money Online



With employment still an issue, many people are turning to the internet to make money and Facebook could be one of the options. There are many ways to make money this way, whether people have their own businesses or want to make a little pocket change. These are just five options available for individuals.

Sharing articles and getting paid for likes, comments and shares is one of the more popular options. People create fan pages linked to their own interests and then share various articles throughout the day. Supernatural Respect is just one Facebook page that does this. Supernatural images are posted twice every hour, spaced out with the articles designed to make money. When speaking to the owner of the page, there are a few ways of doing this. Most companies prefer the pages to have at least 10,000 likes, but there are options for those with fewer likes.

Facebook does create a great place to build an email list. A recent update offers page owners to create a call to action. This could be to buy a product but it can also be to sign up to an email list. Email lists are popular ways to make money, because people who sign up want to be there. They want to get the offers and want to learn the information shared. It allows for direct marketing to a targeted audience.

Facebook could be an option to make money online for those who sell products. There are now ways to create shops on the site, through the likes of Shopify. Companies like this one create apps that link directly with the social media pages, so products appear directly on the site. Buyers can then browse through the products and quickly buy while on the go. It does not matter whether people are selling clothes, jewelry or even wood designs.

Marketing other people’s products remains as a popular way to make money online. Facebook allows people to share links and codes, which would allow individuals to market these products. The benefit of affiliate products is that sellers do not need to worry about the creation and shipping of them. They just get a small commission for the promoting and selling of them.

An unconventional way to make money from Facebook is by turning it into a resume. This is something that LinkedIn offers, but more people are turning to this more popular social media site. There is also the option of creating a page specifically to promote certain skills on a resume, and then share it with businesses that individuals want to work with or for.

Social media is becoming a powerful tool, and there are now ways to make money with it. The number one social media site remains to be one of the most popular, due to the use of fan pages for business use. There is the ability to boost posts and use apps to create a business through Facebook, making it a viable option to make money online for all individuals.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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