Lindsay Lohan Performs Facebook Community Service

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is under fire for doing just a small amount of her 125 community service hours that was mandated by court and for completing this service to the community in the luxury of her own apartment. Lohan was given the punishment of 125 hours of community service for a number of misdemeanors for a traffic accident that occurred in June of 2012. These misdemeanors included allegedly lying to police in Santa Monica and reckless driving. Shawn Holley, the celebrity’s attorney, faced a Los Angeles court judge in Mark Young on Thursday, who was not impressed that Lohan has only served nine hours of community service.

E! News has reportedly obtained the celebrity’s log of volunteer hours, which make for interesting reading. To learn from her mistakes of allegedly lying to police and reckless driving, the star has been sending out staff members’ business cards and posting photos on Facebook for the non-profit, youth organization, CSV Positive Futures.

On top of this, Lohan’s Facebook community service duties were completed in the comfort of her own apartment, with the hours not properly recorded. A staff member at CSV Positive Futures did not realize the star was not allowed to conduct her community service requirements at home, and as such had unknowingly given Lohan a memory stick to use at home.

It is unclear whether Lohan had even completed this Facebook community service herself or had ditched it off for her assistant to do. As a result, even the small amount of hours she has completed is suspect.

She is not the only celebrity that has had dubious punishment. For example, in 2010, The Jersey Shore reality star Nicole Polizzi had an autograph session at a community center at Seaside Heights for three hours to make up for a public drunkenness display. Fans made a contribution of $10 for her autograph, which was then given to Donations of Love, an animal charity. In completing his 240 hours of service to the community for attacking a paparazzo at LAX airport, Kanye West, the husband of Kim Kardashian, spoke with college students about his “creative genius”.

Apparently, it had been a struggle for Lohan to meet her court obligations due to her work commitments. She had been in Brooklyn completing her community service duties, as her filming work for a show on television had been conducted in New York, but she then moved to London for a play, and this was when the problems with her community service obligations had started.

On top of this, CSV had moved its offices more than one hour and 30 minutes away from the actress’s apartment. The judge took note, but said the May 28 cutoff date still stands, as the star has had more than enough time to complete her community service obligations. She has had in fact three years to do it in.

The judge warned that if Lohan does not meet her community hours’ requirements mandated by the court, she could face time in jail. Young made it clear to Lohan’s lawyer that if she did not return to Brooklyn to finish her community service by the deadline of May 28, she will have “consequences” to face. The judge also pointed out his concern that the celebrity had only completed less than 10 hours of community service.

According to media reports, the outcome of this case will definitely be known on May 28, as Lohan has just two options. These are finish the 125 hours of community service and be able to prove it or go to jail. This meant Lohan would not be able to perform her community service duties, involving Facebook, from her home.

By Rebecca Brown

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