Lindsey Vonn and Life After Breakup With Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn
It is no longer news that Lindsey Vonn has broken up with Tiger Woods after three years of dating the former top-ranked golfer. There have been many speculations and allegations as to why this happened. Vonn announced the split on her Facebook page. The reason she gave for this occurrence was that they both had very busy schedules which made it virtually impossible for both of them to spend enough time together. According to her post, “After nearly three years together, Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship.” She further added, “I will always cherish the memories that we’ve created together.”

Immediately after the breakup, Vonn seemingly moved on with her life and career, which lent some credence to her claim that the breakup was mutual and the result of their respective tight schedules. However, fresh facts to the contrary seem to be emerging.

Though it seems that Vonn has really moved on, if information making the rounds is anything to go by, all may not have been well with the couple while they were dating. There are reports that Vonn actually considered Woods to be boring and concerned primarily about himself. Though they both had busy schedules, she claims she made time when she could to be with him at his tournaments. He, however, never made any attempt to be with her at her events.

It is common knowledge that Woods went in for therapy when his marriage to ex-wife Elin broke up. He was considered a sex addict, and it now appears the sex issue has shown up again. Woods is said to have had a one-night stand with an unnamed lady after he withdrew from the Farmers Insurance Open in February. According to the report, the sexual liaison was simply a stress-releasing tool. He felt bad after having to withdraw from the tournament and could only turn to sex for some relief.

Woods’ issues are not a hidden matter. It is well in public domain. Anyone who followed the divorce saga learned that he had a problem with sex,, and therefore fidelity. It is also public knowledge that he went for therapy in attempt to overcome his addiction to sex. There are now indications that he may not have continued with his therapy. Vonn was certainly aware of this condition, because according to Daily mail, she refused to go with him to therapy when he made this request of her. According to the report, she considered his sex addiction to be “his” problem. Though she is said to have later changed her mind and gone with him, that view, if true, certainly raises more questions about what kind of relationship they possibly had.

Vonn has clearly moved on with her life. She made the announcement of her breakup with Woods on May 3 2015. By May 4, she tweeted that she had found a peaceful spot, far away in South Korea. She left behind all the distractions, insinuations, questions and rumors. She simply got herself on a plane and zoomed off to South Korea, where she obviously had a blissful time. In all this time, she has not made any other comment about the breakup on her Facebook or Twitter account.

It is not yet clear whether Lindsey Vonn should be celebrated as a strong woman who would not put her life on hold for one minute due to the indiscretion of one man, or if she did not commit fully to the relationship in the first place, given Woods’ history. If Woods was truly boring, highly self-centered and placed everything, including his girlfriend, second to golfing, then Vonn may have simply saved herself from future heartbreak by making a quick and clean break when she did.

By Chimerenka Odimba

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