Lindsey Vonn New Adventures After Mutual Split With Tiger Woods


Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods agreed to end their three-year romance on Sunday, May 3, due to their hectic schedules. Vonn’s mutual split with Woods has led her life into exciting new adventures within her skiing career. Organizers of POCOG have reported the American skiing superstar is going to be named as the honorary ambassador, for the 2018 South Korea, Pyeongchang Winter Games.

On May 6, the 30-year-old is said to have been formally confirmed as the first international athlete to be an honorary spokeswoman. Vonn made history in the 2015 winter season when she passed Austria’s Annemarie Moser-Pröll, and became known as the only woman of the last 35 years to have the most World Cup wins. She broke the record by obtaining her 63rd triumph this past season. Vonn missed Sochi in 2014 due to a injury she sustained to her knee, for which she had to go to rehab; however, she recovered quickly and was able to obtain her 63rd World Cup win in January. Prior to the broadcast, she is meeting with South Korean skiers Jo Eun-hwa and Gim So-hui who are currently in rehabilitation facilities, to share their rehab experiences.

Vonn’s new adventures after her mutual split with woods include visiting the Jeongseon Alpine Centre, since she was not able to make it previously due to her injuries. Although the center is currently under construction for the 2018 Alpine events, Vonn is said to meet fans in Seoul for autographs at the Lotte World Mall, when the May 6 announcement was made.

The breakup between Woods and Vonn was posted via social media on their personal accounts. Since it was a mutual separation, the two have told sources they still have love for one another, but it is best they go their separate ways to avoid emotional distress. They began their committed relationship three years ago, after Woods and his wife divorced. The divorce was due to infidelity charges; however, the American skier uplifted Woods’ reputation of cheating by going on numerous visible dates, and telling sources how much she loved being a part of Woods’ life. She told sources Woods’ family will always have a place in her heart. The two were rumored to marry in February, and they always attended each others tournaments and races throughout their three-year relationship. Woods showed up to the World Cup event in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, when Vonn broke the aforementioned record back in January.

Despite the breakup, the skier continues to have a lot of room in her heart due to her blossoming career. She is also internationally known as the ambassador for Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games. She has been featured in many publications such as People, Women’s Health, Fitness, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Glamour as a role model for women and girls. Along with her official announcement of honorary on Wednesday, May 6, Vonn will be present for the signing agreement between U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and Korea Ski Association with executive vice president, Luke Bodensteiner.

The mutual break up between Vonn and Woods is not great news to hear for the couple of three years, but it leads the American Skier to higher recognitions within her career. She is formally known as the woman with the most world cup wins.

By Krystle Mitchell


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