Dallas Basketball Game Turns Violent


What started out as a friendly game turned violent for new Dallas resident Charles Harris of Arlington, Michigan. Harris and his friends played a basketball game with another young man at a park on the 2100 block of Overbrook, when words were exchanged, and an argument started.

Once the argument started getting violent Harris and his friends walked away, at that point the young man he argued with pulled out a handgun and fired at the boys and hit Harris. A violent act after what should have been a friendly game.

The young man ran away after he shot at the boys. His friends took him to a hospital where he died soon after, because a friendly basketball game turned violent. The police were called and were given a description of the shooter. He had shoulder length dreadlocks with the tips dyed blonde, a goatee, white tank top and shorts with a light blue trim.

Police have asked if any one has any has any information to call Detective Byron Stewart or Crime Stoppers. A nice friendly game at the park turned bad, and a young boy is taken away from his family and friend.s

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


Dallas Morning News

Photo by Wolfgang Sterneck Creativecommons Flickr license

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