‘Lip Sync Battle’: Derek Hough vs Jullianne Hough [Recap & Review]

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle
It was a battle of siblings tonight on Lip Sync Battle on Spike T.V. as Dancing With the Stars alums, Derek Hough, and Julianne Hough, his sister, faced off against each other. It was another cool and entertaining episode of this hit new series, as Derek and Julianne pulled out all of the stops to try to be the winner and earn bragging rights.

LL Cool J was introduced by his co-host, Chrissy Teigen. He briefly explained the rules, and introduced the show’s “color commentator,” his co-host, Chrissy Teigen. LL Cool J had Chrissy show everyone the Lip Sync Battle Championship Belt that was up for grabs. Then, he introduced Julianne Hough and her brother, Derek Hough.

“This is going to get ugly!” LL Cool J exclaimed. Derek Hough was offered the choice to go first or let Julianne go. He said that he wanted to lip sync first. He lip synced to Can’t Hold Us, a song that he claimed his mother used to sing to him as a child.

LL Cool J asked “How do you think you did?”

Derek Hough said “Perfect.” His sister thought “it was not fair,” that Derek had done “a lot of pelvic thrusting.”

The song that Julianne Hough chose was Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass. She shook her booty and the audience cheered and screamed as she danced and lip synced. Then, Meghan Trainor, herself, came out onto the stage and danced along with Julianne. It was AMAZING!

“How’d you pull this off?” LL Cool J asked after the song. Meghan Trainor said that she “couldn’t keep up” with Julianne.

Derek was asked by LL Cool J what he thought. He said “It was wildly inappropriate.” He jokingly told Meghan Trainor that she was “not his friend any longer.” Then, the show went to a commercial break.  Lip Sync Battle

After the break, LL Cool J said “Derek Hough spent years training to be a professional dancer, but it was nothing compared to Lip Sync Battle.” Then, scenes of Derek, backstage, were shown, trash talking about how good he is and how he will win.

He came out dressed like Sia and lip synced to her big hit, Chandelier. There were female ballerina dancers on the stage with him. Chrissy held up a lighter like she was at a concert. It was a beautiful performance, and pretty funny.

LL Cool J said “If you win, how many years will it be before Derek lives it down?”

She replied “Even if I don’t win, he will never live it down.” Then, Lip Sync Battle headed to another commercial break.

After another commercial break, Julianne Hough said “He’s so going down.” She was dressed in sheer tights and black shorts, with a red top. She danced very provocatively with shirtless male dancers as she lip synced to I Just Had Sex. The male dancers even did push-ups, clapping their hands as they did them, while Julianne danced.

LL Cool J asked her how she thought she had done. “I think I pretty much nailed it,” she said.

When LL Cool J asked Chrissy what she thought of Julianne’s performance, she said “I loved it, way too much.”

Lip Sync Battle

Following yet another commercial break on Lip Sync Battle, LL Cool J asked the studio audience what they thought of both Derek and Julianne’s performances. After he said their names out loud, the audience applauded, and by their applause, LL Cool J decided who the winner would be. He said Julianne’s name first, then “Big Derek.” He said “The winner and Lip Sync Battle Champion is…Julianne Hough!”

Julianne said “This is going on my mantelpiece.” LL Cool J asked Derek what he thought, and he said, like the good brother that he is, that she had done “a good job.” Julianne said she would beat Derek again, “anytime he wanted a rematch.”

On Lip Sync Battle, the sibling rivalry between Derek Hough and his sister, Julianne Hough, of Dancing With the Stars was raging on, as they both gave it their all to try to be the winner and claim victory tonight. After two amazing performances each, the winner of the show was left up to the studio audience to decide, and they chose Julianne Hough as the winner.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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