Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik Launch Into All-Out Twitter War

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Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik Launch Into All-Out Twitter War

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and former bandmate Zayn Malik have launched into an all-out Twitter war, one which involves Naughty Boy. The 23-year-old and the producer have been getting into it for well over a month now, but Malik has never involved himself into now. The tweets back and forth are less than polite, and have shocked Directioners all over the world.

It began when Naughty, real name Shahid Khan, posted a photo to the social networking site of himself and Malik together with the hasthtag “replace this”. Tomlinson was quick to take a shot at the editing used on the picture, comparing the Khan to a 12-year-old that still thought using such special effects was cool. Naughty Boy did not hesitate to fire back, telling the boy band member that he could not sing but that it did not matter anyway because he obviously used auto-tune in the first place.

Tomlinson’s response was that the only reason Khan was even popular right now was because he is, as the One Direction member put it, “riding on the back of someone else’s career”. The twitter exchanged continued for another two messages, with the producer bragging about famous musicians he had worked with such as Sam Smith and Emeli Sande, and Tomlinson responding that he, too, had written for and with some great names.

It was in between the last two updates that Malik stepped in to this all-out Twitter war with Tomlinson, tweeting his former bandmate directly in order to ask him if he remembered having a life instead of attacking what went on in his. The post quickly received over a hundred thousand retweets, and the comments section for it were instantly flooded with fans either taking one member’s side of expressing their discontent with the two fighting at all.

Directioner’s, for the most part, have been siding with the remaining band member in regards to his beef with Naughty Boy. They believe that the uploading of a sample track featuring Malik’s vocals by the producer, just days after the Bradford Bad Boy make his now infamous departure from the band, was insensitive and hurtful to those who were still reeling from this decision. Naughty also seemingly went out of his way to brag about the fact that he had Malik on his side and away from the rest of the boys, who has been very outspoken about in regards to his feelings that they held him down and made him unhappy. Indeed, he angered both Tomlinson and millions of fans after suggesting that the singer needed to be “freed” from One Direction.

The fact that Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson engaged in an all-out Twitter war today, May 5, has come as a shock and huge disappointment to the legion of fans who had hoped the boys would always stay friends despite the fact that they had gone their separate ways in the industry. The singer had been keeping his silence in regards to his ex-bandmate’s feud with Naughty Boy, but now he seems to have most definitely taken a side on the matter.

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