‘Mad Men’ Series Finale Ends With Low Ratings

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Mad Men finished up its final series on Sunday night, landing the AMC-drama ratings that saw 3.3 million people tune in to watch the show’s conclusion. While these specific ratings are fairly higher than what the show is used to receiving — since viewership has dependably been a continuous battle — the finale was the show’s third most-watched episode, failing to make any momentous impact for the network.

Its highest-rated episode came in its fifth season debut, following a 17-month break which had a huge number of fans addressing whether the AMC-backed program was ever going to return. Unfortunately, as the episodes kept on advancing, the ratings started declining, which begs the question on whether the storylines for specific characters are at fault for Mad Men’s consequent cancelation.

Regardless of what caused Mad Men’s downfall, the show ended with 3.3 million viewers, a far cry from the viewers other shows on the network receive week to week. The Walking Dead sees a viewership averaging between 12-14 million. It could be expected that once this show reaches an end, paying little mind to whether it drops in ratings or not, its final episode would turn out with high numbers, simply for the way that it has demonstrated continued success throughout its run.

AMC, who had declared Mad Men’s final series in 2013, may have needed to bring the program to an end much sooner. Season six saw the show battle in surpassing standard viewing figures of 3 million, which is significantly less than to what some reality shows are pulling in. It is vital to note that Mad Men is a scripted project with well-known actors, meaning that salaries need to be paid, along with scriptwriters, directors, producers, among others. Reality shows, on the other hand, don not even do a large portion of these things, yet have demonstrated a greater effect in ratings than to those of the Jon Hamm-led dramatization.

Real Housewives of Atlanta, which airs at a similar time-slot as Mad Men, peaked at 5.3 million viewers an episode in its sixth series, even pulling up to 3.8 million viewers in its seventh run. Keeping Up With the Kardashians additionally gets comparative numbers. About Bruce, a televised special unique on Bruce Jenner and his pending move to turn into a woman, pulled in near to 3 million viewers for the E! network on Sunday, verging on coordinating the ratings of those from Mad Men.

It is critical to recognize these numbers, and analyze them, as it demonstrates that AMC were probably losing a fortune by keeping its troubled show on the air. Since Mad Men has, at last, reached an end, AMC is able to invest into brand new projects, giving people a reason to watch shows on the network again.

While the show shares some great memories with those who stuck with the program since it first debuted back in 2007, its famous co-stars are already planning where they may be headed to next. Hamm transparently confessed to dreading his vocation could fairly be over after the finale of Mad Men, the program that has given him a nice income for eight years. The Hollywood star tells NYTimes: “I think every actor thinks that when they end a job. You only hope that something else comes along. Do I think I will fade into obscurity? Hopefully not yet. But probably at some point, I will.”

Meanwhile, the show’s creator Matthew Weiner shared some words of his own following the final wrap-up. Thinking back on the great moments he, alongside the cast, had encountered all through their time on TV, Weiner accepts that Mad Men opened doors for other shows to be more diverse and receptive with story ideas, daring to push boundaries. “I’m thrilled that the show got to be an important part of a conversation about inequality, about America being a better place, about men’s voices not being more important than women’s voices, and about picking the best person for the job, and recognizing the fact that we have some abstract bias against what really is 51 percent of the population,” he tells People.

By Maurice Cassidy


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