‘The Voice’: Finale Results Show [Recap]

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The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the two-hour-long Finale Results Show concluding Season 8 was filled full of musical performances by the Top 20 musical artists on The Voice this season, Maroon 5, Meghan Trainor, Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, Sheryl Crow, John Fogerty, and the coaches, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. The musical performances helped build up the anticipation level, as viewers across America tuned in to find out which of the Top Four musical artists remaining would be named “The Voice” and also win a recording contract.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the Season 8 Finale Results Show by mentioning everybody who would be performing tonight. Then, Daly introduced the Top 20 musical artists from this season, and they took the stage to sing Carry On. They gave an INCREDIBLE performance of this song, and that led into the song Some Nights. The Top 20 sounded AMAZING together!

There was an hour-long recap of The Voice that came on NBC right before the Finale Results Show, so there was not any need to recap Monday night’s episode any further. The Voice went to the first commercial break of the night.

Back from the break, Carson Daly asked Adam, Pharrell, and Blake what they felt about their competitors having made it this far on The Voice. He asked Christina her thoughts, as well; she is the only coach who does not have any team members left in the competition. Blake said he felt pretty confident Meghan Linsey would win.

Joshua Davis brought back Brian Johnson, Corey Kent White, Hannah Kirby and Kimberly Nichole to sing She Talks to Angels. They did an AMAZING job singing this cool song. The audience erupted in applause, as Carson Daly mentioned who would be the next few performers to sing, and the episode headed to another commercial break.

The Voice

After the break, host Carson Daly showed fake tryouts by “celebs” dressed up as Miley Cyrus, Cher, Sia, and others. Then, Daly introduced the next musical performer, Meghan Trainor. She sang her hit song, Dear Future Husband, and played the ukulele as she sang. The audience clapped along as she sang. She gave a great, stripped-down acoustic performance of the song.

Carson Daly then showed a preview of a Red Nose Day special head-to-head Battle on The Voice. Will Ferrell, dressed in a track suit, called himself “The original ‘Pharrell,” and then the show went to yet another commercial break.

When The Voice returned, host Carson Daly showed Adam and Blake talking with each other. Blake said Adam “tries hard to be a cool athlete. Too bad he’s not cool…or an athlete.” Pharrell said that there were probably a lot of sports that Adam would be good at. Blake and Pharrell mentioned some, like cheer leading, skating, and others.

The Voice

Daly introduced Kelly Clarkson and Koryn Hawthorne singing Clarkson’s hit, I’d Rather Go Blind. The studio audience waved their arms in the air and cheered and screamed at various points during the performance. Their voices harmonized really well together, and both of the singers displayed their wide vocal range and rocked the place out.

Meghan Linsey brought back Sarah Potenza. Carson Daly introduced them, singing Piece of My Heart, by Janis Joplin. Sarah Potenza has a terrific rocking sort of voice, absolutely perfect for a song like this one. The audience clapped along as they sang. Their performance was definitely one of the highlights of the Final Results Show on The Voice.

Following more commercials, Maroon 5 was the next musical act to perform, with frontman Adam Levine. Adam sang This Summer’s Gonna Hurt, and it sounded wonderful. Adam rules the falsetto range, and he and Maroon 5 rocked The Voice studio audience out.

Then, Carson Daly introduced John Fogerty and Sawyer Fredericks singing together. They sang Born On the Bayou and then Bad Moon Rising. That led into another duet, Have You Ever Seen the Rain? They sounded fantastic singing together, and the studio audience clapped along as they sang, in another highlight of the evening.

Back from another break, Carson Daly introduced Sheryl Crow and Joshua Davis singing Give It to Me. Joshua played his guitar as they sang. Sheryl’s voice sounded as great as it ever has sounded, and they both did an incredible job singing this song.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, then showed a Question & Answer segment after last Tuesday’s episode. Blake asked them “What would the four of you think if you found out you were all the owners of brand new Nissans?” The four finalists each were given a new Nissan.

After that, Daly introduced Luke Bryan, singing his latest hit, Kick the Dust Up. He WAILED on this song, and was another great addition to tonight’s musical line-up on The Voice. The audience applauded wildly as he finished singing.

Koryn Hawthorne brought back quite a few former competitors to sing Uptown Funk with her. She brought back India Carney, Mia Z, Caitlin Caporale, Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Lexi Davila. They were terrific singing together, and their performance added to the many highlights of the evening.

Then, Carson Daly introduced Ed Sheeran debuting his new single, Photograph. Sheeran is such an amazing, talented musical artist, and he gave a touching and emotional performance of the song, playing his guitar as photos and videos were shown behind him, of moments in his own life. After his performance, The Voice went to another commercial break.

When The Voice came back on, host Carson Daly introduced Kelly Clarkson once again, singing Invincible with Meghan Linsey. It was yet another awesome performance tonight, and easily another highlight of the Season 8 Finale Results Show.

Following another commercial break, Sawyer Fredericks brought back Mia Z, Lowell Oakley and Brooke Adee to sing Lie to Me with him. They all put on another KILLER performance, OWNING the song and doing a great job singing it.

Then, Carson Daly showed the dark side of Blake’s coaching technique. “I push people beyond what’s expected of them,” Blake said. He added “There’s no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job.’ Well, maybe ‘last call.'” Blake was like J.K. Simmons in the movie, Whiplash.

Next, The Voice coaches sang The Thrill Is Gone. They electrified the studio audience with their stellar performance, as the show drew ever closer to revealing who the winner of Season 8 was, and anticipation filled the air. Carson Daly said he would reveal the name of the winner after another commercial break.

“Now it’s time to find out who will win it all,” Carson Daly said. “I will read the name of the artist in fourth place. The Finalist in fourth place is…Koryn Hawthorne! And now, I will read the name of the artist in third place. Here we go…the Finalist in third place is…Joshua Davis! And then, there were two. Meghan Linsey and Sawyer Fredericks, one of you is ‘The Voice.’ The winner of The Voice is — Sawyer Fredericks!”

Wow! The winner of The Voice, from Team Pharrell, was Sawyer Fredericks. He did a fantastic job the entire season, and is a deserving person to win, though the other finalists were also all amazing.  As Season 8 drew to a close, a voice over said that a new season of The Voice will begin in the fall.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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