‘Madam Secretary’ Season Finale and What to Expect

Madam Secretary

The ambitious and popular TV series Madam Secretary, starring Tea Leoni, brings its first exciting season to a conclusion on CBS. Tea Leoni plays United States Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, sometimes referred to in nickname as Bess. McCord is new to her job, as she replaces the previous Secretary of State Vincent Marsh, who was killed in a plane crash. She has to balance work, family and her desires to serve her country with the ethical conflicts involved in her daily agenda. Secretary McCord always seems able to travel the world, yet find her way home for dinner, even if it’s Chinese take-out.

Creator Barbara Hall looks to bring Madam Secretary and its plot full circle to a season’s conclusion that strengthens the narrative and has you begging for more (the show has been green-lit for season two in the fall.) What can be expected from Madam Secretary’s season finale? The general plot of the episode has been leaked, and Leoni tells Entertainment Weekly where the show goes from here.

According to Leoni, the episode will be a sort of flashback to how the series has reached its current state. It will take you through her time in the CIA, into the development of her marriage, and how Henry and Elizabeth have grown together throughout her career advancements.

Another thing viewers can expect from the season finale of Madam Secretary is for the Secretary’s staff to stay intact. A staff advisor, played by Kevin Rahm, has been seen evaluating cabinet members throughout the year, potentially creating a subplot where McCord has to deal with major losses to her administration. Will there be a major staff shake up? Leoni says there are no plans for anything along those lines at this point.

Leoni also believes it is important for the State Department to remain alive.  One of the major issues in the first season was the number of people the budget could cover.  The hope is they will be able to have some new visiting characters as well increase some of the current staff.  Leoni added how much she loves the character named Kevin and is hoping to have Sam Daly return; he is the son of Tim and the medical marijuana lobbyist fiancé of Daisy.  Not only is it really fun, but brilliant, to think of intermingling a lobbyist for pot with the State Department.

A unique subplot is Elizabeth McCord’s daughter, Stevie, is now dating the President’s son, Harrison, as they have a relationship that dates back to their childhood. There is a fine balancing act of parenting, controlling the media coverage, and how the staff reacts to these pressures woven throughout the most recent episodes.

Madam Secretary may not expect mass firings in its season finale, but it should expect to continue receiving strong ratings. Madam Secretary has routinely won the time slot and Sunday night overall in the Nielsen ratings, collecting over ten million viewers each week. Following established political benchmarks like 60 Minutes, and preceding current network hit The Good Wife has not hurt the show’s quest for new viewership.

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