Maggie Gyllenhaal Slams Hollywood for Sexism and Ageism


According to Channel 24 News, Maggie Gyllenhaal was auditioning for a role and the production team said that she was too old for the part. She would have been playing the love interest of a 55-year-old man. Gyllenhaal, who is only 37-years-old was greatly surprised by this as mentioned in the article. She added that being an actress has its downfalls at times and this is one of them. It can be disappointing and very discouraging. Gyllenhaal said that this made her feel bad about herself and angry as well. Despite her surprise and desire to move on, Gyllenhaal has slammed Hollywood for sexism and ageism.

People quickly responded on Twitter and Facebook about how sexist Hollywood is. The media also seemed to have a field day with the story, the article said. Gyllenhaal is fighting back at the entertainment industry by pointing out that sexism and ageism exists within it. The Inquisitr said that she is attempting to remain positive despite the situation. She said that there are a lot of great and empowering roles for women now and she is trying to focus on that. She also stated that there are a lot of actresses doing phenomenal work and playing complex characters.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which is also known as the ACLU, has also attacked Hollywood for discrimination. The ACLU has formally requested that state and federal agencies look into the issue of gender discrimination. The investigation would involve talent agencies, networks, and studios. The Inquisitr said that the ACLU wants this issue resolved as soon as possible. The goal is for actresses to have the same opportunities made available to them as actors and for them to not have to face discrimination in pursuit of roles. Channel 24 News said that Gyllenhaal is one of many who have faced this issue in recent years. Gyllenhaal has been exposed to sexism and ageism just as others in the field have for many years.

The article stated that in 2014, women only composed seven percent of the total number of directors. The ACLU requested that government action be taken to correct this matter. The ACLU said that women were being deliberately excluded from being directors and that it was great injustice. The union also said that the discrimination of women in the directing field or any other field should not be allowed. It was also mentioned that the exclusion of women in this field was becoming a pattern.

Gyllenhaal has the right to take a stand against Hollywood for discrimination. She pointed out an issue that some may have been unaware of. The only way that issues such as these get resolved is through people taking action. Remaining silent and pretending an issue does not exist will not fix the problem. No one should have to face discrimination. Women or men should not be excluded from getting roles based on their age. Gyllenhaal and the ACLU are taking the necessary stand to raise awareness about this issue to ensure that is does not continue to happen.

Christianity Daily said that it is common in Hollywood for the male roles to be cast before the female roles. Gyllenhaal added that she has faced this on many occasions. She said that it was unfair to have to wait to become part of a movie until all of the males were cast. She also said that women are not even included in the conversations about a movie until the male roles are set. She added that women are paid much less than their male co-stars which is also unjustified. Gyllenhaal’s stand against Hollywood for sexism and ageism is sure to gain some additional attention. Her slamming the industry for discrimination can only help to raise awareness about this important issue.

By Heather Granruth


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