Mars Mankind’s Next Adventure

MarsMars may just be mankind’s next adventure, but the question remains for some if it should be. Planet Earth face many problems, and some wonder if society should be more concerned with the issues that impact the plant, instead of diverting attention and funds to travel to another planet.

Charles Bolden NASA administrator told an audience Monday that NASA is on schedule to land humans on the planet by the 2030’s, a goal set by President Obama. It was his opening statement at the Humans to Mars Summit at George Washington University.

What does a trip to Mars mean for humans? What information can that trip provide and is it really important? A trip to Mars is important, for one, it could answer a lot of questions about how life came to be on Earth. Some scientist believe that life on Earth did not began in the swamp on the younger Earth, but may have come to be from watery chasm on Mars. That rocks from an impact on the red planet brought those organism here to Earth. Humans would have a much great ability to see if life existed on Mars than rovers can, they can dig much deeper than the machines.

Other reasons include survival of the species. History shows life is not guaranteed to last for humans on Earth, one only has to look at the extinction of the dinosaurs to know this. Imagine if there was another planet for humans to travel to if living on Earth was no longer possible. A trip to the planet can improve life on Earth.  Pushing the limits in space exploration, and under water exploration will bring about discoveries in technology and science that makes life better on Earth. Space exploration has brought about many advance in technology such as making it easier to see early stages of breast cancer.

A new adventure for mankind to travel to Mars will make us grow as species. It will inspire a generation to be future astronauts, making them desire to pursue eduction in mathematics, science and technology. A more educated society is a better society able to deal with problems that it faces.

Traveling to Mars could be important step for America. Putting us once again in a leadership role in technology. If America does not do it, some other country will and then a great opportunity would be lost.

Some believe sending people to Mars is not a good idea. It is dangerous for the people who will go, possibly exposing them to high levels of cosmic radiation, and it will very likely be psychological damaging due to isolation and the impact of living in low gravity for such a long period of time. Traveling to the planet will be very expensive, with cost estimates being in the tens of billions of dollars. Mars is close as far as planets go, but it is still very far away, making it a better trip for robots according to some scientist.

There are plenty of discoveries still left here on Earth, and numerous problems that need to be dealt with. Why should billions of dollars be spent to send a few people to Mars at the expense of the all the people here on Earth? The money they believe should be used to fund science here on Earth, science that will make life better and improve the quality of life at home.

It is true, Earth faces some very real problems, war, poverty, disease, and environmental issues, but a trip to Mars could help solve some of those problems. If a trip to Mars can be done, it should, mankind needs adventure, it inspires us to be do better. The thought of new worlds to discover, new places for the human race to make its mark on, is the stuff that dreams are made of.

By Jessica Hamel




Richmond Times

Photo by NASA-Creativecommons Flickr- License


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