Bodybuilder’s Craze to Look Like the ‘Incredible Hulk’ Makes Him Inject Alcohol and Oil


A Brazillian bodybuilder’s craze to look like the ‘Incredible Hulk’, made him inject alcohol and oil in his muscles, and thus, endangered his life. Apart from that, the man’s obsession made him almost lose his arms. As unbelievable as it may sound, the man actually wanted his muscles and body to look like the world-famous comic character. It is a known fact that people who indulge in bodybuilding, really go overboard and push themselves to unhealthy limits to try to get a certain kind of physique. Doctors around the world have always mentioned that the craze many people have about looking better can prove to be very dangerous. It can literally ruin a person’s life.

The man has been identified as Romario Dos Santos Alves, who got so obsessed and addicted to bodybuilding, that it almost killed him. Alves had moved to Foiania in Brazil from his hometown of Caldas Novas close to three years ago. He started off as a fan of bodybuilding, and later chose to pursue it as a career choice. This is when he moved on to drugs and other performance enhancing supplements.

Alves said in an interview that he had completely lost control over himself. He said that he made a lot of friends at the gym that he used to visit regularly. The guys, he said, had big biceps which made them look huge. These guys subsequently introduced him to a site enhancement oil (SEO) named Synthol. Alves injected his biceps with Synthol and the results were tremendous. He got very excited and that is when the use, misuse, and the eventual abuse of Synthol began. He said that he was trying to model his body like that of the ‘Incredible Hulk’, and his craze for bodybuilding made him inject his muscles with a cocktail made of alcohol and oil.

Synthol is one of the most abused products in modeling, fitness, and bodybuilding because of its cosmetic properties. As it is an SEO, the use of Synthol creates the illusion of a very well-developed muscle. When bodybuilders or fitness models have a part of their body which is lagging and not responding to physical exercises and training, they depend on Synthol to hide it, and make it appear as toned and muscular. The calves (lower leg muscles), biceps and triceps (muscles of the upper arms), and deltoids (shoulder muscles) are injected with the SEO to cover the weakness, which is termed as ‘fluffing.’ Synthol is made of 85 percent oil, 7.5 percent alcohol, and 7.5 percent lidocaine.

Soon after Alves started injecting Synthol in his muscles, it started showing horrific results. His doctors told him that they might have to amputate both his arms as his muscles had started solidifying. He confessed that he had also tried to kill himself as he suffered from depression due to constant pain. As per the reports, the toxins in the oil could have given him a kidney failure if he had continued.

Alves said that he had tried to get away from his addiction, but he could not. He was hospitalized while his wife was six months pregnant. He decided that he would fix his ways, and to never take any drugs again. He said that his family went through a really hard time during his recovery. His biceps have muscles swollen up to 25 inches. Alves says that he regrets what he did. However, his ambition of becoming a bodybuilder remains, and he is going to achieve it. He said that he still has a long way to go. He promises that he will do it the right way this time, as his craze for bodybuilding and to look like the ‘Incredible Hulk’ made him inject a deadly cocktail of alcohol and oil, almost costing him his life.

By Ankur Sinha

abc News

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