Microsoft Corporation Takes the New Siri Around Town

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Microsoft Corporation

The world came to know and love the infamous Siri, the voice of Apple’s iPhone. But, due to the age old rivalry between the Apple and the Microsoft Corporation, Siri is about to become the forgotten middle child in the family of technology. Siri’s voice became iconic in just a matter of a few years. Everyone has played around with the range of responses that this robot voice can give, and now everyone is tired of the same old responses. It was fun when it was new. But now the new girl in town, Cortana, is about to take over.

Siri’s title carried the legacy of the Apple Corporation with it. And now Cortana will head the return of the Microsoft Corporation. It was not enough for Microsoft to release a Windows phone to bring the spotlight back onto itself. The popularity of the iPhone persisted. Inside The Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, there is a large Apple Store on the first floor, and a Windows store on the second floor. The Windows Store is devastatingly smaller than the Apple Store. Even Samsung has had issues in the past with its products competing with Apple’s products for popularity. For the past decade, the popularity of Apple products has taken over the globe as competing companies have struggled to adopt similar characteristics. This is visible in one of the Microsoft Corporation’s stunts, the development of Cortana. To put it briefly, Cortana is Siri. Cortana is a voice assistant technology that communicates with mobile users who activate the application. Anyone can look at Cortana and label her a copycat of Siri, which is an embarrassment to the Microsoft Corporation, especially since Microsoft has released digital assistants before, but they were unpopular. However, the twist here is that Cortana’s technology is not strictly limited to being used on Microsoft devices. By the end of June, Cortana will be available on Android phones, and by the end of 2015, the application will be available for iPhones as well.

It is impossible to hear the news of Cortana’s arrival without recalling the once popular Siri. Whether the companies like it or not, it is a competition.

But why would an iPhone user bother with Cortana when Siri still works?

Although Cortana is more beneficial for someone who owns a Windows 10 computer and a Microsoft Phone, her refined technology is still useful for iOS and Android users. Recall the domination of Apple’s computers. MacBooks took over like wild fire, but the popularity of Microsoft Office applications persisted. People will take their loyalty to what will benefit them. While PCs were being given up, students, professors, and businesspeople still needed their Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, because these applications are comprehensive and easy to navigate. Many people have an easy time working through Microsoft Word because they have been using it since the Windows era. Because of the efficiency of its products, the Microsoft Corporation remained alive, and now it is expanding. The same way people use Microsoft Office on Apple’s MacBooks, they will be using Microsoft’s new Cortana application on Apple’s iOS phones.

Cortana’s features are more expansive when used with other Microsoft products, but it is not likely that people will give up their iOS phones to make better use of Cortana. But, Cortana is the shiny new toy, with a fresher personality. Now that the world is familiar with Siri, they will meet Cortana and inevitably compare her to Siri. As long as Cortana is useful to iOS and Android phones, the Microsoft Corporation will stay in the spotlight.


By Tania Dawood

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