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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation has the Xbox One bundled with special edition Halo available in stores, as well as the online store at their website, and are calling it the Master Chief collection bundle. The company has come out with a special edition for the anniversary of Halo, and is including it with the Xbox One bundle.

The bundle comes with a white console that has a 500 gigabyte hard drive, with one controller. It also comes with a two-week trial of a Xbox live gold membership, and the Halo Master Chief download. The Kinect sensor must be purchased separately. The Microsoft Corporation’s web site does not say how long the offer is good for, but specials like this usually last while supplies last.

The Microsoft corporation is selling the bundle with a conclusive Halo involvement, with the Master Chief’s complete story, and advanced combat. The anniversary editions have been recently reformatted, and gives admittance to Halo Nightfall, with over 100 Spartan ops, and multi-player options, and has 1080p at 60 frames per second (fps) for an enhanced digital play. With the Kinect sensor there is more than just games for the whole family. Watch movies, videos, or call someone on Skype, and much more. Microsoft Corporation brings this exciting deal to gamers for a fun-filled experience at a special price of $349.00.

On the Microsoft corporation website there are reviews in the online store, and one gamer said that regardless of the match up to the PS4, it is still a great experience. The graphics are crystal clear, and the system already has a countless line of games to choose from, with more coming soon. Another user announced that he would not have expected anything less, it is a wonderful addition to the Xbox family.

The online store also has Xbox 360 games, Windows and PC games available. There are apps and other software available online also. The Microsoft Corporation also sells many accessories for the Xbox One special edition bundle, from controllers to headsets, and much more.

The 60 fps, is a slow motion graphics that enhance the gaming experience. Generally the higher the number, the slower the frames move. 1080p; the ‘P’ is for projection, for a more planned involvement in a gaming understanding.

Microsoft CorporationXbox brags that it has the best games, and the critics seem to agree with them. The New York Times states that Sony can not surpass the Xbox. Polygon has reported that the system has the feel, and look of the future. Entertainment Weekly says that it is a technological giant, and the graphics alone provide an incredible look and appeal. One hardcore gamer stated that Call of Duty, on Xbox One, is a stunner.

The Microsoft corporation gives you access to Xbox live gold, which has a library of dozens of free games to choose from to play, for more interactive fun. The membership comes with games for the 360 as well as for the ‘One’. Even if one do not yet have the Xbox One, one can still have access to the games with gold live, and build a library each month. Some of the games available are Formula one (F1) for a unique racing experience, Pool Nation FX with realistic graphics, and a definitive edition of Castle Storm, which brings on a knights vs. vikings type battle, in a medieval fighting experience which features co-op modes, multi-player online, and more.

Along with the Xbox One live special edition bundle, the Microsoft corporation has discounts for members with gold. A member can get up to 75 percent off on games available in the online store. Popular games go on sale every week. Alien and Call of Duty with enhanced features, are just a couple of games on sale this week. Microsoft Corporation says that they are dedicated to bringing a greater gaming experience to the world of video games.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester

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  1. P is for progressive. Meaning that every row of pixels is changed in sequence every time the screen refreshes. 60hz means that every pixel is potentially changed every refresh (60 times a second)

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