Microsoft Shares the List of Seven Different Versions of Windows 10


Microsoft has shared the list of seven different versions of the new upcoming Windows 10, which will be the last operating system from Windows. Microsoft has also announced that Windows 10 is going to be released in Summer 2015, and after that the team would work on updating the OS at regular intervals. The new operating system will be available in different versions for corporate customers as well as individual users based on their choice and requirements.

An important update to the windows software is scheduled to be launched in 111 languages and in 190 different countries across the world. This is said to be Microsoft’s bid to provide a platform for various devices like PCs, smartphones, Surface Hub, Xbox One, tablets, and Microsoft Hololens with more personal computing experience. Windows 10 will also be enabled to power devices connected to internet like ATMs, elevators, wearables, and heart rate monitors. There is the list of different versions of Windows 10 expected to be launched.

Windows 10 Home

The Windows 10 version of the desktop edition will be focused on consumers, and will offer the personal and familiar Windows experience for tablets, convertibles, and PCs. It will also include Cortana, the digital assistant of Microsoft, fingerprint login, iris, a range of ubiquitous apps from Windows like Mail, Music, Calendar, Maps, Video, and Photos, the access to play games on Xbox One, Windows Hello face-recognition, the new version of Microsoft Edge browser, and Continuum tablet mode meant for the devices which would be touch-capable.

Windows 10 Pro

The Pro version will be suitable for tablets, 2-in-1s, and PCs. It will include some features that will address the requirements of small businesses. It will include features like mobile and remote productivity support, efficient management of multiple synced apps and devices, influence of cloud computing, and data protection. The operating system will cater to the needs of various organizations supporting professionals and Choose Your Own Device (COYD) programs.

This edition will also have the ability to benefit from the new Windows Update which will be meant for Business. This will offer faster access to various security updates, provide access over update distribution, provide an ongoing access to various innovations from Microsoft, and a great reduction in management costs.

Windows 10 Education

This edition will be targeted at tackling the requirements of students, teachers, administrators, and schools-staff. Microsoft will provide the ability for students and schools who use Windows 10 Pro and Home versions to upgrade to the Education edition. This version will be provided through Volume Licensing for academics.

Windows 10 Enterprise

This version will have added features which would be designed to cater to demands of mid and large-sized companies. It is an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The edition will support a broader range of options for app management and OS deployment. It will also provide a robust security to extremely sensitive business information. The version would be provided to the customers of Microsoft who have Volume Licensing. The customers would be allowed to select the speed with which one would want to adopt the new OS. The seven different versions of the Windows 10 OS that Microsoft has shared will each cater to specific demands of customers from different segments all over the world.

Windows 10 Mobile

The mobile version of the OS will be apt for the small-screen user experience. It will enable new tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to benefit from Continuum for phones and include a version of Office which has been optimized for touch screen. It will also include the universal apps from Windows which would also be available in the Home edition of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

The Mobile Enterprise version is designed especially as many businesses choosing to go mobile and having their own apps. It will deliver an enhanced customer experience to businesses using tablets and smartphones. This version will provide flexibility for businesses manage updates. It will also provide device management, security, and greatly increase productivity.

Windows 10 IoT Core

Microsoft is rolling out various versions of Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise for various industrial devices like low cost devices like retail point of sale, gateways, ATMs, and handheld terminals along with industrial robotics for smaller footprint.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be its last major operating system launch. The company has share the list of these seven different versions of Windows 10 which are expected to be launched soon. The company plans to move towards providing windows software in the form of a service and away from the business of releasing new operating system at every interval.

By Ankur Sinha

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