Missouri Welfare Recipients to Have Stricter Requirements

Missouri Welfare Recipients

Missouri welfare recipients may have their benefit cut and forced to undergo stricter work requirements from January. Lawmakers in Missouri have just voted for the removal of about three thousand families from the cash assistance program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Shorter time limits for people receiving the benefit will apply.

Missouri decided to override the state’s Democratic governor, Jay Nixon’s veto, which means that the program’s lifetime limit in Missouri will be three years and nine months, instead of the current five-year time period. This will result in Missouri being one of the top 10 states for the shortest duration of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits.

Supporters of this move have said it would encourage Missouri welfare recipients to find employment, but the main concern for people against this decision is that they believe this new law would punish innocent children for their parents’ actions. The changes also mean that the entire family is sanctioned if a parent is non-compliant with their work activities requirements.

Missouri is not alone in trying to limit welfare benefits. Kansas has restricted recipients of welfare benefits to withdrawing a daily limit of $25 from their benefits card and these funds can only be used at approved locations. So, therefore Missouri welfare recipients are not the only people who will experience tighter restrictions on their benefits.

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