NASA and SpaceX Light Years Away From ‘Tomorrowland’ Movie Plot?

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Tomorrowland, which is now in theaters in time for Memorial Day weekend, has been impressing some viewers with its futuristic like movie plot, that may simply just be fantasy, as NASA and SpaceX may be light years away from that type of living. Tomorrowland takes viewers to a place of the future, caught somewhere between time and space. Though NASA and SpaceX both promise a future where humans live on different worlds, the ability to “touch something” and be transported into another world or dimension could be a pipe dream. For that matter, the closest humans may ever get to Tomorrowland would be the attractions in the parks that Walt Disney created, since the movie is made by Disney and follows off of Walt’s ideas of the future in space.

Many years ago, it was Walt Disney who created Tomorrowland and all of its ideas. The park has changed much over the years, and now incorporates such attractions like the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear’s Spin, and Stitch’s Great Escape, along with the established Space Mountain and Tomorrowland Speedway, within it. The Tomorrowland Bridge takes park goers into a world designed by Disney himself, using science fiction to represent a futuristic, space-like theme, though the website claims that futuristic views often need updates.

Now, many years later, Walt Disney Pictures has created the film Tomorrowland (originally titled 1952) in order to bring Walt’s views to the big screen. During production, sources state that producers had to consult NASA on some things, and the film even used NASA’s launch pad, 39A, at Kennedy Space Center, in order to gain inspiration for the launch pad that was dismantled by NASA in the movie. They crew even filmed some at that location, and sources state that they were even treated to being able to watch MAVEN (Mars Orbiter) launch from that pad. However, for the ability of NASA to use the launch pad to blast off into another dimension, as they did in the movie (from the Eiffel Tower), is probably not something viewers could see in real life, anytime soon.

In fact, the movie’s plot, though based on the ideas of Walt Disney on the future, is probably light years away from being reached by space tech companies like NASA or SpaceX. Though scientists have long dreamed of being able to travel through time and space, very quickly, and even be able to see the future (as characters do through a platform that uses “tachyons”) the reality of it is most likely that Disney was obviously a dreamer. Humans may one day see these capabilities, but the most they may be able to hope for is just life on other planets.

SpaceX and NASA both have promised to create the possibility of humans colonizing other planets. In fact, the planet of Mars is the first one on their list. Most likely because it is the closest to Earth, NASA and SpaceX are working hard to figure out a way that humans could survive on the red hot planet. Elon Musk of SpaceX promises to do such in just ten years. As a man who has brought the world many futuristic technologies, he, if anyone, may be the one able to produce any kind of results that would be in any way similar to Tomorrowland. However, both companies are working hard on their first mission: to allow humans to live on planets other than Earth.

In the past, ideas like Tomorrowland were simply ideas, but now it seems that many companies are working very hard to create such futuristic technology, such as what has been seen in science fiction movies of the past. Scientists say the reason for this could be because it is believed that the Earth will not last much longer. Scientists are predicting impending doom from a possible asteroid collision into the planet Earth, killing much of the species, if not all of it.

However, even in Tomorrowland touching the pin that transports a person to the other dimension does not actually take them to the place physically and does not last forever. When character Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) touches the pin she is still on Earth but sees Tomorrowland. As well, after a while her time there ends and she sees herself back on Earth again. Blasting off in a rocket to another dimension seemed to be more effective for transporation to Tomorrowland, but even in being able to access another dimension, Newton saw that the world was still heading towards war, natural disasters, and civil unrest.

Either NASA or SpaceX, or both, may one day take humans to other planets, making space travel easier, as well, but as far as reaching the movie plot of Tomorrowland where humans can travel to another dimension between space and time, the two companies are probably light years away from this. Though speaking of light years, remember when NASA found two planets that are 1,200 light years from Earth, that scientists believed were very livable, especially as they inhabited much of the properties that Earth does? Living on these planets may still be a reality, as well. However, most likely being able to travel between space and time, especially in a rocket ship, is probably not going to happen anytime soon. Walt Disney did, however, believe that anything was possible and many too believe that one day Tomorrowland could be the future, in reality.

By Crystal Boulware


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