NASA Weighs in on Apocalyptic Sounds From Heaven Heard During Month of Pentecost and Shavuot [Videos]

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The apocalyptic sounds of trumpets ring through the sky, the sound seems to reverberate from the heavens, causing people to run for their cameras, look to the sky, and sometimes freeze in the streets. For almost a decade these sounds have been heard all over the world. NASA chose this week to weigh in on the apocalyptic sounds heard from heaven, which strangely enough were heard during the same month as Pentecost and Shavuot. For those who do not see the connection, many conspiracy theorists believe the sounds are the trumpets of God’s angels, a warning of the end and a sign of God’s presence here on Earth. Shavuot and Pentecost are both holidays that celebrate and remember a time when God made his presence on Earth heard. Once to Moses at Mount Sinai, where he gave the people of Israel the Torah and then again, when the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus Christ’s followers. They are both considered beginnings, Shavuot the birth of Judaism, Pentecost the birth of the Church. Some believe the Trumpet sounds are the beginning of the end, the end of times, and the opening of the Seven Seals.

Scientists have yet come up with a definitive answer to what the sounds are and what is causing them. There are plenty theories, such as the shifting of tectonic plates, minor earthquakes, changes in the Earth’s core, solar flares, aliens, an angry God, and even the sound of an approaching meteor. Theories are being proposed by scientists, preachers, doomsday theorists, and some skeptics who assert the sounds are a hoax. NASA commented this week on the sounds saying they may be background noise from Earth.  A spokesperson from NASA describe it by saying that the planet emits natural radio waves, they create a melodic sound, one that he compared to a soundtrack from a “flamboyant sci-fi film.” Most of the time humans are unaware of the somewhat, creepy sounding concertos playing around them, but at times they can be heard. This too, is just a theory and not proven, leaving many people unsatisfied and still coming up with spectacular ideas to explain the sounds.

The fact that the scientific community, after a decade of these sounds being heard, has not come up with the exact reason leads to people filling the void with their own theories. The sounds do have this other worldly quality about them that even skeptics can not help but notice. With so many predictions of the end of the world being made in the last few months, even someone who is very logical can not help but shake their head, and wonder what they are.

As is expected NASA only weighed in on the scientific aspect of the apocalyptic sounds from heaven that were heard during the month of Pentecost and Shavuot. It is highly unlikely NASA will even consider the spiritual aspect of the sounds. NASA is not going to look for Gods or Angels. The idea that the sounds come from aliens or something else interstellar does not seem to be a consideration of the agency at this time.

A video dated April 5, taken in Germany, shows a boy frozen in fear in the street as the trumpet sounds can be heard. Strangely enough April 5, was Easter Sunday, and was also the day after the beginning of Passover. Along with Shavuot and Pentecost being celebrated in May the minor Jewish holiday of Lag Ba’Omer is also celebrated. This year it fell on May 7, which just happens to be the same day that Kimberly Wookey of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada, recorded the sounds. These dates all fall in the time of the Festival of Weeks, which is the time from Passover to Shavuot. Shavuot is often called the “marriage day” between God and the Jewish people, with Passover being considered the “betrothal” time. The Torah being the marriage contract between God and the Jewish people. Shavuot is a remembrance of the day when God and the Jewish nation entered into a covenant. At the first Shavuot at Mount Sinai, God established the Mosaic covenant and gave the people of Israel the Torah in written form. Christians believe that during the first Shavuot after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God established a new covenant when he wrote the Torah on the hearts of Jesus Christ’s followers with the power of the Holy Spirit, in what is now celebrated as Pentecost. Could the timing of these strange trumpet like sounds be the beginning of a new covenant between God and his followers?NASA

Strange sounds in the sky, preachers prophesying the end of the world, hundreds of birds falling from the sky, droughts, solar flares, and rumors of an impeding meteor impact; could the trumpet-like sounds be the coming of the Apocalypse? Revelation 4:1 “After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will show thee things which must be hereafter.”  Could these sounds be the voice of angels bringing about the last days and a return of Christ to Earth?

Apocalyptic sounds being heard this month, Pentecost, and Shavuot being celebrated and an unsatisfactory answer from NASA after they finally weighed in has only peaked a bigger interest in the phenomenon. With more interest in the subject, perhaps NASA will do a more thorough investigation and be able to come up with a definitive scientific answer. If the sounds are coming from outer space, NASA would be the agency best able to figure out what they are. Skeptics, the faithful, doomsday believers, and NASA scientists; no matter who, these sounds can not help but make people wonder what they could be.

Opinion By Jessica Hamel


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