NBC’s Red Nose Day Event Here Tomorrow

Red Nose Day

As many have been anticipating the U.S. celebration of Red Nose Day, NBC will be finally kicking it off here in America tomorrow. May 21st is the official Red Nose Day in the U.S. and NBC plans to go all out raising money for children. The campaign, which is dedicated to helping children and young people in poverty, will bring together many red nosed people, from celebrities to magicians and more. The three-hour entertainment event will be hosted on NBC television at 8 p.m. EST, aired live tomorrow to end Red Nose Day fundraising with a monetary bang. Thousands will put on their red noses in order to join the celebration which will raise money for twelve different charities.

The first ever Red Nose Day was in 1985, according to sources. The telethon was held on February 5, 1988, launched at the National Day of Comedy. It was typically held in the U.K. in March and BBC hosted the telethon event from the evening on the day of, to the morning of the next day. Viewers could donate money to the cause to receive their plastic/foam red noses. This year in 2015, Red Nose Day took place by Comic Relief on March 13. To this day sources state that Comic Relief has raised well over $1 billion dollars in an effort to relieve children from poverty.

In the U.S. tomorrow, on May 21, the well anticipated Red Nose Day will finally be here and NBC will host an entertainment event in order to raise funds for children, with the support of many celebrity guests. NBC’s site states that many of Hollywood’s biggest stars will be in appearance. Musical guests include Coldplay, Anna Kendrick, John Legend, Sam Smith, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams and more. Movie stars like Will Ferrell, Neil Patrick Harris, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and more, will also be in appearance. The show will also feature several comedic stars like Jimmy Fallon, Jack Black, and videos from Funny or Die. With all of these stars coming together the event is sure to entertain.

The event is also sure to raise a lot of money. Though the Red Nose Day fundraising has been going on for a while, with many donations, it will end tomorrow with the final event on NBC. Schools, businesses, and communities have all been working to raise funds. Though with tomorrow being the last day, those who have not yet donated can make a big difference by donating to NBC. Though NBC’s website states that the red noses are almost sold out, it states that there are still some left, being pushed through retail. Many of the charities hoping to still receive donations through the NBC event are the United Way, Feeding America, the Children’s Health Fund, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Global Fund, Save the Children, The National Urban League, the National Council of La Raza, Gavi, Lift, and Oxfam America.

Many are looking forward to putting on a red nose and participating in the much anticipated Red Nose Day event that will be hosted on NBC tomorrow. NBC is hoping to create a great three-hour-special that everyone will enjoy, allowing them to escape the hardships of life and feel good about contributing to a great cause. Ending poverty in America (or the world) would be a great thing to see and for many children who are in great need of the assistance that the twelve charities provide, the help could not come sooner. As many have been working hard to raise money through the use of NBC’s available-for-download fundraising kits, they can tally up their accomplishments tomorrow. For those who have not yet participated in the exciting, but charitable Red Nose Day, there is still time to get in those donations to help NBC raise even more toward the end of poverty for children.

By Crystal Boulware


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